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PVP - players drops prior to game finishing
Hey everyone,
During STF game play of either The Cure, Infected, or Khitomer Accord many of us have noticed that if a player drops out prior to the game finishing the end result is its very hard to finish the sequence.
I like how STO has updated and will penalize a player for dropping out 60 min from going back in and playing another STF; however there needs to be a step further.

The "Request Reinforcements" tab seems to not work. Last night we played "The Cure" and all of us kept hitting the "Request Reinforcements" tab after someone had dropped out, no one was added. We finished the game we were in after dying several

I would like to find out if everyone else is having this same problem with the "Request Reinforcement" tab ?

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STFs aren't pvp, this thread may get more of a response in the appropriate forum sections. ie General Community Feedback or PvE Gameplay

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