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Archived Post 01-14-2012 11:57 PM

Galaxy-X Skin Request
I'm a fan of the galaxy class type vessels since I grew up on TNG, and the Dread is my favorite ship. There is just one thing that bothers me... There isn't really an imposing looking skin for it...

The Galaxy is traditional and the Venture is sleek and cool, but seems more to say "science vessel" than "assault ship". When I had my normal Galaxy at Captain level I gave it the Envoy Saucer and Neck to make it a little more armored looking. I think it would be cool to get something similar in style to the Imperial Class costume that the normal Assault Cruisers have, just something to make it feel more like a ship modded for war (after all, what else is that phaser spinal lance and cloak for?).

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