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Archived Post 01-17-2012 02:19 AM

Greetings, lifeforms from across the galaxy,

At the dawn of STO going Free-to-Play, we are more than happy to welcome you to our Fleet.

A quick history tour

‘Timelords’ was created back on the forum boards of the currently paused Star Trek: Infinite Space MMO, on April 17th 2011. Slowly, but in a steady way the core of the Fleet (Admirals and Senior Officers) established itself. We got administrators for the 'paperwork', artists for web design and signatures. Online presence was crafted: website, forums, blog.

We looked forward to jump start with ST:IS. Sadly, about November 2011 ST:IS development got paused (some would say cancelled) and while we still keep a look at it, by the end of the month the Fleet switched focus for Star Trek Online.
With the Early Access Event (Entry for earlier suscribers while pre-F2P) of STO, our STO In-Game Fleet was finally founded on January 7th 2012.

Chain of command
Our chain of command is quite simple - it works like a Roman Senate. We have 4 Admirals that will work out the options submitted by the Fleet Members and a Fleet Admiral, who holds the position of a consul, able to veto any decision that might endanger the fleet.

What can we possibly grant you?
  • a laid-back community with lots of fun, even during server maintenance
  • senior members from Europe and America to watch over the fleet almost 24/7 at our sites and forums
  • both casuals and hardcore players are welcome
  • rank and commendation system
  • in-game help
  • our very own Fleet Magazine - ‘The Promenade’
  • internal jobs that suit your abilities

  • be ready to answer a roll call once a month
  • follow the rules of conduct
  • try to help other members

Helpful links

Main website (with Fleet Chat):

Fleet Forums:

Fleet Wiki (contains insights about the Fleet):

Fleet Application forum:

Fleet Magazine:

Anyone is welcome! Drop by our main site to have a little chat with our members for further insights into our daily life!

~Fleet Admiral Q

Archived Post 01-17-2012 02:01 PM

Come have a look over at our sites and make first contact with us!

Lt. Cmdr. Dorus
Timelords Fleet

Archived Post 01-18-2012 01:54 AM

And to start things off - our first formal meeting will commence on Saturday, 1 PM PST. Come check us out if you wish - you might be surprised :)

~Fleet Admiral Q

Archived Post 01-18-2012 03:37 AM


Originally Posted by Batyrsik (Post 3952814)
[Fleet Admiral, who holds the position of a consul, able to veto any decision that might endanger the fleet.

I would suggest this in itself will endanger your fleet, really it is bad way of doing things for lots of reasons.

Show some faith in your 4 admirals and give them an equal standing.

Archived Post 01-18-2012 01:56 PM

I would point out, that we had a lot of decisions internally since the very beginning - although I ain't an Admiral - and the so-called 'veto' is more of a part of the image of the Fleet Admiral and his powers, than an emergency power to use without consequences. We are glad that we can settle things with open minds and come to an agreement in every aspect of the Fleet.
JJ ... I can assure you ... and the rest of you all, that the Members of the Admiral's Council are equal. They use the principles of majority when voting in Fleet matters. I do hope that I have cleared things for you.

Lt. Cmdr. Dorus
Timelords Fleet

Archived Post 01-22-2012 03:45 AM

We are glad that a bunch of fellow Starfleet officers already took their time to visit us, asked for information and generally had a good time.

If you are still without a fleet and haven't paid us a visit ... Do not hesitate, take a look for yourself! Our Senior Officers are almost 24/7 at the sites ... forum and fleet chat as well.

See you all over at Timelords!

Lt. Cmdr. Dorus
Timelords Fleet

Archived Post 02-06-2012 12:12 AM

Clearing things up
Dear Gamers!

We've received feedbacks from visitors, that they can't contact us via Chat on our Main Site.

The problem is serious, yet simple to fix. We, over at Timelords, use Chatango as a long-running solution. The embedded chat window is on the right and you can either write there as Anon (Anonymus) or setting a temporary name or registering at Chatango and keeping your login-name. This may look too complicated written, but believe me it isn't.

Our Officers can see too, if there's a new 'Anon' at the chat and the general order is to open dialogue. However, those who don't know where to look hear only a popping sound, which reminds the person that a new message is there! You can read messages like: "Hi there Anon!" or "Greetings Anon, can I help you?" So there is definitely presence on the Site! ;)

If you encounter such or other problems hindering you becoming a Timelords Member, feel free to PM Batyrsik (PST) or me (EU) any time.

See you all over at Timelords!

Timelords Fleet

Archived Post 03-29-2012 07:54 AM

The Timelords Fleet is still recruiting!
Any Captains are welcome, who might be interested in joining our cozy, little Fleet.

Come over to our sites! Take a look, make first contact with us and decide!

Cpt. Dorus
Timelords Fleet

Archived Post 04-18-2012 07:43 AM

Timelords Anniversary
Dear fellow Captains!

We are one day late, but nevertheless it is a time to celebrate. Everything began with these lines back on the forums of ST:IS.
Quoting Fleet Adm. Q here:

" Sunday, April 17th 2011, 11:14pm
I LUV spamming ^^

This thread is for people who are planning to create a guild when the game comes out. You can post the name, people you invite, etc...

My guild: Timelords (name is subject to change)
I invite... EVERYONE!

~Fleet Admiral and commander of Timelords alliance~ "

Yes, we celebrate our 1st Anniversary! The Timelords Fleet has stepped into its 2nd year, to boldly go where no Time Lord has gone before (... by the way, is there such a place?). This - red-inked - date is at least so important for us, like First Contact Day. Many changes were brought to the Fleet in this year: setting-up sites, forums, rules and regulations and personnel changes. Let us go onward, as I wrote on one of my first propaganda images "Into the unknown ... together".

On behalf of the Council of Admirals,
Adm. Dorus

P.S.: Feel free to drop by our sites!

Archived Post 05-14-2012 04:05 AM

Open for everyone!
Greetings fellow Captains!

The Timelords Fleet is still open to any recruits! Feel free to ask around over at our sites ... or approach us directly in-game. Seek out our members with these handles:


Thank you for your time and have fun! See you over at Timelords!

Adm. Dorus

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