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Archived Post 01-19-2012 02:09 PM

Am back, a few ...questions
Hi all, I stopped back in to check out how STO has evolved in the past 6 months
or so.

There is a lot I see and like...and some stuff that makes me scratch my head.

Many of the missions have been rewritten to be more 'star trek' like, excellent call !
The zillion or so forms of currency have been reduced to 3 - yes good call.
Old school SOL star base...excellent
F2P in general...nice selection for free players

The OK
Duty Officers...great idea but confusing as hell. There needs to be some clarification.
Separate the Doffs into 2 distinct types...passive ship buff Doff and mission Doff
Sector walls still there...maybe on the to do list.
Still no bridge view while on auto pilot to next mission location...might be on to do list.

Returning players that had purchased the game prior SHOULD be given at
least 1 foundry slot
No hair styles for Female Caitians ??????? ok, the we are switching over
graphics tech excuse is old now.

Overall, not bad

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