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Archived Post 01-21-2012 05:20 PM

Server Not Responding
As the name suggests, I've been trying to play now for about 5 hours, but all I get is a red message saying the server is not responding, then after a few mins I get disconnected.

I've checked my Internet connection, and that is working perfectly.

Any ideas?

I'm stuck in the tutorial, haven't even been transported yet. :S

Archived Post 01-22-2012 12:40 AM

Well if you're a Silver (F2P) player you might be having trouble getting queued for the Sol System, since it's been woefully over burdened. Even us gold members have been having been having issues with excruciating loading times there.

You might want to check this thread: How to Diagnose Lag and Rubberbanding

You may be having issues with packet loss, or your bandwidth might be somehow limited. That could be causing your issue. You might be having issues with on demand patching as well, which if that's the case go in to options on the launcher, and uncheck it's box. Warning: This will make the launcher download EVERYTHING. Which will cause you to have to wait quite a long time for everything to be downloaded and patched.

Archived Post 01-22-2012 04:47 AM

I would try that, I'm going out soon so can leave it working. But now the patcher won't load.

I have Cryptic Launcher Autoupdate window in the top left of my screen, that fails after 1 connect attempt and a get a message in the middle of the screen:

The patchclient got a message while it was in a state with no response function.

So far my experience of STO is: Made Character, got sent to Captain, ordered to board to a ship, but haven't made it past the Transporter Chief yet.

Archived Post 01-22-2012 12:46 PM

It sounds like you have a problem with your internet. If it's a wireless service such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, you may have run over your bandwidth limit for the month. If it's wireless such as Clearwire, or Sprint(only on unlimited), you may want to call customer support and check how stable service currently is.

If you have a landline based Broadband such as DSL, Cable, or T1 Reset your modem and router. If you're on Wifi you maybe experiencing some sort of interference that is causing you to drop too many packets to connect. If you're on Wifi, after a modem and router reset, connect your computer directly to the router with an ethernet cable.

Other than that, you may want to reinstall the game, and client. But it sure sounds like you're experiencing limited bandwidth for some reason.

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