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Cross Game Mail
Hi all,
I can only post here since i'm still brand new to STO.

After doing a general search for "mail" which resulted in 20 pages of threads, i've not found any similar issue as the one that i experienced in-game.

Here's the situation...

I have played many mmo's over the last 10 years & prefer to use repeat names for my main characters, also for forums i try to use this one.

Before Cryptic & PWE got married i was playing Champions Online with 2 or 3 Cryptic accounts.
Also i played several PWE games since 2006, with several accounts as well.
Yesterday, i linked my main Cryptic & main PWE accounts together.

Cryptic info:
Forum name: mogwai
Champions Online main char: PlayaX
Star Trek Online main char: PlayaX

Perfect World Entertainment info:
Forum name: mogwai
game char names are different.

E-mail info: same main e-mail was used for Cryptic & PWE.

Logging into STO yesterday for the first time, i noticed the mail icon was blinking. Upon checking the mail i found that an auction item in Champions was sold, yay. The surprising thing was that i could see all of my champions mail (except for attached items). Most of the Champions mail is from character to character, each one supplying the other with proper crafting materials.

So, i was viewing character mail across all Cryptic games (no matter what game you're in at the moment), a normal function?

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16 views & not one reply:confused: :S

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Originally Posted by mogwai (Post 3964209)
16 views & not one reply:confused: :S

It may well be because no one else has experienced your issue and therefore cannot offer a solution. Patience is a virtue.

Archived Post 01-25-2012 06:46 PM

ok nm, my question was answered in-game by randomly broadcasting it (1st time). Seems this is a normal function/feature of Cryptic since mail is viewable site side.

thanks for ALL the responses, so helpful


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