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Khitomer Walkthrough newbs read ACCORD - SPACE
Borg ships have been detected in the Quadra Sigma system as well as high levels of chroniton particles. This could mean that the Borg are attempting to disrupt the timeline. You are being sent to stop them.
Upon entering the system your team will need to destroy a Borg Tactical Cube which is protecting the Vortex. After it has been destroyed you will need to destroy two Borg Transwarp Conduits and prevent Borg ships from entering the Time Vortex. There is an optional objective of doing this within 15 minutes. The trick here is to mainly focus on one Transwarp Conduit at a time and defeat any Borg ships that come through. Try to keep an eye on the Time Vortex to make sure no Borg ships go through. If ten ships go through then you fail the mission.
Each Transwarp Conduit has two Nanite Transformers connected to it. Each Nanite Transformer has four Nanite Generators connected to it. Destroy the Nanite Generators first before destroying the Nanite Transformer. After you have destroyed both Transformers you can destroy the Transwarp Conduit. Once you have destroyed both Conduits you'll need to defeat the remaining Borg vessels in the area. After that Donatra's Scimitar ship will enter the area. She and the ship have been assimilated and you must defeat her.
During the battle some Borg Tractor Probs may come in which use tractor beams to hold you. Also be careful of the Scimitar. It will cloak and then decloak. After decloaking you will see green beams coming out of it. Make sure you are not within those beams, so try to get behind the Scimitar. It will release a strong burst of entery which might destroy it. Just keep attacking the ship until it is destroyed.
The ground portion of this mission takes place in a Borg bunker below the surface of the planet. Your team is being sent down there to eliminate the threat to the timeline.
You'll need to start off by investigating the base. Simply make your way through the base by taking the ramps which go down and defeating any moving Borg along the way. If they are in their alcoves then they will ignore you. Once you have gone down about three levels (you start from the first and end on the third) there will be an opening to another room, defeat the Borg in here then make your way down the ramps in this room. There will be another doorway which you can go through.
Go through this doorway and take the path to the right which leads to another room. Along the way is an Uplink Data Console which you can use to read some information, but it isn't necessary. This last room is where some tactics are necessary. First defeat as many Borg as you can. In this room are six power nodes which need to be disabled. Each one has a designation (Alpha 1 for example). Now it is time for one team member to go on his own, we will call him the Loner to make this easier. The remaining team of 4 people will be called the Attackers
Loner: Your job is to use the console in the center of the room (directly across from where you entered) and it wil transport you to another room. In the center of this room is a console which you should go up to and examine. At this point you can activate symbols. More on this in a little bit.
Attackers: You will need to go to each node in the room and disable it (also defeating the Borg that are there). Listen carefully to the Borg audio here because it will tell you which node you are at (for example Alpha 1). Four team members need to go to each node, defeat the Borg there, and then disable the node. In order to disable it the Loner must disable the shield for you so tell them Alpha 1, or Beta 1 depending on which node you are at.

Loner: If the Attackers are at Beta 1 for example then choose to activate Symbol 1 then Symbol B this will lower the shield. If the shields raise the Attackers should tell you and you should lower them again. Keep in mind that there are some Borg who beam into this area. They are easy to defeat but I recommend either an engineering or tactical officer do this because they have abilities which will help them attack the Borg.
Once all six power nodes are disabled the Loner can rejoin the team. Now head to the top of the ramp and destroy the first Isolinear Molecular Reconverters. Leave the room the way you came and directly across from the exit is another Isolinear Molecular Reconverter that you need to destroy. Go straight down this hall way into the final room where the Borg leader, Tosk of Borg, is. Your team should simply focus all fire on him until he is destroyed.

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