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Archived Post 01-24-2012 05:23 AM

What do you like about PVP?
Since S6 might bring PVP additions, I think we should collect what we like about STO's PVP. Afterall, we are still playing this game after two years with zero additions, so something has to be good.

This thread is not supposed to be about your wishes for additons, but rather about what you like about the current state of PVP, so that maybe Cryptic has chance to avoid their usual pattern of "It's not broken? Let's break it!".

What I like about PVP in STO:
  • the general space combat mechanics: controlling a single ship (not a group of ships per player, just one ship per player!), firing weapons, using abilities that are set up prior to the match
  • teamwork and team-oriented builds are more powerful than isolated self-sufficient setups
  • low dependancy on gear: prior to the original borg set, a good shield and otherwise white Mk X gear was sufficient, then we needed the 3 part borg set, now we need 3 part borg and the faction shield and some Doffs and maybe c-store stuff... this is moving in the wrong direction imo; a heavy gear progression for pvp is something I don't want to see
  • "canned pvp", i.e. 5v5 arena maps; I don't like CnH and I'm not particularly interested in open pvp, the best moments in pvp are premade vs premade arena matches
  • playing with friends, i.e. the possibility to queue up as a (partial) team

Archived Post 01-24-2012 05:57 AM

Low Gear Dependency, assuming the game doesn't become more gear dependent than it already is I think this is the game's strong point right now.

Starship Combat. Even as wonky as balance is in this game, the basic gameplay and controls are tight, and the build types can be fairly diverse.

I want to love Warzone Pvp.. but there's 2 things hurting it. No instance switching, and the stupid instance reset, along with the same spawn point at the start.

Archived Post 01-24-2012 06:23 AM

I'm only here for the Star Ships. I really wish we could get someone for PvP like Heretic is with the Doff system. The Doffs have been managed incredibly well with new and interesting things. It's not perfect but even at it's worst the Doff system is handled so much better than anything they've done for, or to, PvP.

Archived Post 01-24-2012 07:02 AM

1) Space Combat! Yeah, baby! I love it. Ray weapons, torpedoes, fireworks.
2) Teamplay. I like cooperative games more than competitive games.
3) Challenging combat. Understanding the enemy's game and breaking his game plan while he's doing the same to me is an interesting challenge.

Archived Post 01-24-2012 07:07 AM

I used to enjoy the competition and the learning experience of competing while trying to better myself and my skills.
Now I just plinker for the DL and do not give it any mind.

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Originally Posted by Mavairo
Low Gear Dependency, assuming the game doesn't become more gear dependent than it already is I think this is the game's strong point right now.

^ This. I don't know if it's still like that, as I haven't played lately, but this was a major plus point.

In STO it was a case that any PvP game could be a great match - and I pvped because it was fun, not because I needed to farm another 50 matches to get another piece of equipment...


Originally Posted by Mavairo
Starship Combat. Even as wonky as balance is in this game, the basic gameplay and controls are tight, and the build types can be fairly diverse.

Again I haven't played lately but this is certainly an element. Most MMO combat basically comes down to "2 red bars - make the right hand one drop faster". Ship combat in STO is much more interesting with several variables to consider.


In terms of Arena, imho that should be replaced immediately, I have no idea why anyone would add it to an MMO. Leave it for 'fleet vs fleet' battles if they want that, but remove it asap from pug matches.

(pvp in STO is largely unpopular precisely because of that stupid game mode)

Archived Post 01-24-2012 09:45 AM

I'd ay the PvP forums are my favorite part. I think if we keep trying enough they might just close this whole section down!

Archived Post 01-24-2012 10:16 AM

I just love the community :D

Well that and the fact that PvP is a challenging, dynamic environment.

Archived Post 01-24-2012 06:42 PM

I like an awful lot about this game, the majority of which comes from its predecessors in Trek dating back to board games i never played.... but I digress.


With a combat log and both icons on target and visible animations for most if not all powers in the game, people dont have any excuse to not know what hit them.

No two pvp arena matches will EVER be the same, even with the exact same team, ships, setups and players. Every matchup is a UNIQUE one time iteration, its own miniverse of battle. Infinite possibilities of carnage!!!

-Ease of Switching Setups/Equipment
Few may know, but you can switch everythign on your ship when not in combat, even officers. A practiced hand can readily sidebar multiple options for any encounter.

-The Controls
Again: largely borrowed from prior trek games, but the control bar with clickable and bindable interface is an unsung hero of pvp. Without the ability to rapidly activate a series of powers (or activate three times till they work :0) this game allows for an immense variety of customizeable interface, controls, and binding options. This is coming from an aswd mouse guy. thats all i do, that and a few seperate keybinds, notably, torp/beam.

-The Camera
some complain and get bother by scramble sensors.. etc, or cant find theirt target in spam... not me. I like this games camera controls one thing that was lacking in prior trek games, fast camera manipulation (think EVE) is step 1 in any competitive environment.

-The sounds
Really, if u are so god damned good you can hear me coming in this game, makes me have to be even better, gives mroe reason to stay outside of 10km. fricking boff activation beeps

The OPVP Channel
-While not directly sponsoring it, they stickied a post, have frequent dev presense (at least 10 times ever ive seen devs in opvp), and certainly ALLOW it, despite its occasional bouts with trolling, flame wars, etc. They didnt delete it.

-Private Games!
This was by far their greatest addition to pvp since release, and i have enjoyed dozens if not hundreds of 1v1s and big game pvps since. THANKS!

thats all i can think of for now. what do you have to be grateful for! lets be positive for a minute. what did they do RIGHT!? (think hard)

Archived Post 01-24-2012 07:13 PM

Actually prior to all the MACO stuff there was a good bit of varied builds. Now it seems everyone has to spec towards a DPS or CC build since it seems healbot builds are odd man out this go round.

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