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Archived Post 01-31-2012 06:58 PM

Bio Neural Torpedo
Why can only raiders and raptors use them?

Really? Too difficult for a cruiser to have one of those big boys?

Could they be allowed for ALL KDF ships in the future?

Archived Post 02-01-2012 04:48 AM

Also, why must te target be in front of you when you fire it if it takes forever for it to land?

Archived Post 02-01-2012 04:53 AM

The radius is about 15 (whatever the measurement is) compared to the normal range of 10 for everything else we can use. Front load and one per build limitations but this thing packs a punch. It's baseically the pre-nerf Tricolbalt with an Anti-Proton turret inside. :D

Archived Post 02-01-2012 05:21 AM

I sure would like to equip that on my bortas though.

Archived Post 02-01-2012 05:29 AM

So woulld i! My experience with this torp on my Raptor is, let it off outside of the range of what you're targetting. That way, it can fly around, pop off some AP shots, and either make it to the target or at least take some heat off of you. Getting a boost from Tricobalt and Anti-Proton consoles helps this thing out also. This is one of the best console items to come with a ship in my opinion. I'd like to see it useable on the new flagship also but it's probably never going to happen.

Archived Post 02-01-2012 06:48 AM

This item is a great idea. It's just only really great on a ship that isn't (for whatever reason) using torpedo attack upgrades. So I would also vote for cruisers.

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