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Archived Post 02-02-2012 03:17 AM

Problem with Patch of 2 Feb 12
Every Engineering Shield HP and Shield Regeneration consoles that were in my engineering console were removed. They are not in my inventory. I checked all 17 Characters.

Cryptics' release notes clearly indicated that it would not be removed. However it happened. I'd like for Cryptic to figureout what went wrong and fix it, please.


Archived Post 02-02-2012 03:21 AM

at the bottom of your inventory is an overflow button. Your items will be in there. sadly even though cryptic said they would remain where the were they did not. Guess they dont know what they are talking about.

Archived Post 02-02-2012 03:22 AM

At least you can download the patch. I am stuck at 81.7% and going nowhere. Being a Gold member, server ques should not be an issue.

Archived Post 02-02-2012 03:23 AM

Yep, my consoles have also been removed to an overflow bag.

Patch notes clearly state:

Engineering Shield HP and Shield Regeneration consoles are now Science consoles.
If you have one of these slotted in an Engineering console slot, it will remain there, but if you move it, it will only go back into a Science Console.

They also changed Field Generators to increase skill instead of HP%...

So yeah, thanks for messing that one up :rolleyes:

Archived Post 02-02-2012 03:26 AM

it seems random as one of my characters still has it in the eng slot. so its sometimes working.

Archived Post 02-02-2012 03:28 AM

One of my characters has the +35 shield console still equipped, that's good.

The other character has an overflow bag but i click it and nothing happens, two regenerative shield consoles.

Edit: Client restart seem to fix the overflow bag, keep on rockin in the free world Cryptic. Oh btw, please move the dilithium store button and put the pve queue back pls.

Archived Post 02-02-2012 03:36 AM

patch finally done, my shield console is missing completly, the maco shield got nerfed 2x Cap instead of 1x Cap as it was mentioned in the release note. srsly i start getting the feeling cryptic has no freaking idea what they are doing. FIX IT! FFS!!

Archived Post 02-02-2012 03:42 AM

The patch notes from Cryptics are very incorrect

The Engineering Shield HP and Shield Regeneration consoles

are now unfitted from my STF ship and in the overflow bag.

It's not nice of you to lie to us like that cryptic

however it is good that you changed them to science consoles

whats with all the new added store buttons. every week since f2p one more eh

Archived Post 02-02-2012 03:45 AM

Wait untill your patch say you need to download 10 meg and you download 63 meg so bs! even go screen shot after 2 goes!

Archived Post 02-02-2012 03:46 AM

My Field Generators are completely gone and not in the overflow bag on my Fed characters that fly escorts or science ships. The generators are where they are supposed to be on all of my characters that pilot a cruiser (still in an engineering slot). Hope this helps to track down what went wrong. My Klingon characters still have there generators in an engineering like the Fed cruisers.

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