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Archived Post 02-03-2012 02:53 AM

Tweaks to improve the/my game - graphics, controls etc
Hi everybody,

since I wanted to get my joystick working like I wanted it to work some days ago and I am experiencing flickering background textures in space for some days now, I was looking for solutions and I stumbled upon
"/cmdlist" to be typed into chat, giving a really huge list of commands, STO provides and understands.
Yet, my joystick isn't working as I wanted to and the textures still flicker, I recognized a lot of options, not beeing available through the options window. So I call them hidden options.
I tried some of them by typing them into chat too, but they don't seem to work or they need a parameter.
So I thought, I just put some of these commands here, anyone knowing how they do work, writes a little about it, so other and me can make use of them.
And before someone complains: I have used the board search, found "keybinds for dummies" or "X360 controller" and some topics about texture flickering, but not one single guide how to improve graphics/performance.

# There are some movement orders with a "1! at the end, for example "forward1" or "left1". I know what "left" does, but the commands with an "1" at the end don't work for me.
# d3d11 or d3d9
# comicShading (think this comes from Champions Online)
# a lot more graphic options like postprocessing, shadows, water, dof, fxquality, disablesplatshadows and a lot more and I don't know which a available through options window.

It's sad, that there are so many commands with "no comments provided".

/edit: okay, I think I found the DX11 renderer hiddon within the troubleshooting, with "beta" at it's end. How save is it to use?

Archived Post 02-03-2012 05:52 AM

I think you need a space for the commands and numbers, so left 1, not left1. d3d11 and d3d9 should switch between Direct X 11 and Direct X 9. Dx11 is safe to use, but it has many graphical glitches. Most of the graphical options listed should be available in the options.

Archived Post 02-05-2012 04:27 AM

Thansk so far. But its really "left1" not "left 1" and I wonder, what this command will do in difference to "left".

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