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Archived Post 02-03-2012 04:00 PM

A little personal input would help for C-Store Ships.
So I'm getting a C-Store Ship, but I'm having conflicting thoughts on which one to get. My main toon is an engineer who has been using cruisers exculsively. I play to broadsiding tactics before using an evasive to line up a salvo of torpedoes on this toon. Not too interested in PVP, but I like running PVE, and in particular STFs (assuming I don't lag out and get dropped right in the middle of an STF, which happens once in a while.) My klink uses BoP ships (I love them dearly despite them being glass cannons.) So escorts and sci aren't off my list. I have enough Boffs to round out my needs in this manner. I'm just not sure what to pick. I'm wondering if I should grab an escort, and if they'll match up to the performance of my BoP, if not then might not want to bother. Also as nice as the galaxy variants seem, I'm just sick of them, and I have a love hate relation ship with how they look.

Top Choices:
Excelsior Retrofit Cruiser
Pros: Transwarp console, free transwarp to many sectors, it's a cruiser of the type I'm most familiar with, passive bonuses, and I can use it immediately (only have 3 levels to go before VA so it's not a huge issue)
Cons: Less crew than I like, and it's short a tactical BOFF (not a deal breaker, I can live with one Lt, Commander.)

Galaxy Dreadnought
Pros: Phaser lance, cloaking device, massive DPS potential, Versatile for load-outs.
Cons: Expensive, horrible turn rate (can mitigate with evasive), sub par tactical consoles, and tactical boffs, and the cloak isn't battle cloak.

Tactical Escort Retrofit
Pros: Fantastic damage, and tactical value, cloaking device, like the excelsior it leaves me with some c-points to play with.
Cons: Glass cannon, less turn than I'd like(but not too little), again cloak isn't battle cloak.

Other ships under consideration:
Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit (Ablative Generator is useless to me, hit to the weapons slot not worth it)
Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit (hit to the weapon slots is bad, but the ship has some neat powers, also worth while for my sci boffs)
Exploration Cruiser Retrofit (Not all that good of Galaxy that I'd pay real money for, sauce separation is useless to me except for drawing fire away from my main portion.)
Vulcan D'Kyr (Hit to the weapons slots is bad, neat for sci boffs, Tal'Kyr will be neat for future shuttle missions)
Multi-Vector Advanced Escort (Really bad glass cannon, Multi-Vector mode has limited usefulness, engineer slot nearly useless. Not worth the price tag.)

One thing is that I can sell off remaining c-points to get the defiant or similar if I decide that I absolutely need an escort. Also other suggestions are more than welcome. Would like the input.

Note: No flaming or dissing ships. Please consider my play style is more on the tanking side. I get reckless with escorts/raiders/raptors and tend to fight till they go boom. I have no experience with science ships, but I see their value with their specials.

Archived Post 02-05-2012 12:36 AM

as far as the Tactual Escort:retrofit and MVAE, go you seem to be badly misinformed

both are insanely good ships depending on your play style, and Multi-Vector kicks ***

you pop beta mode, get a weapons buff. and you can sit there and burn a Tac. Cube if you hit your repair cool downs and stay on top of heavy plasma torpedoes

i have been able to make it All of KA:Elite in my Multi-Vector with out a single death

But really you seem hung up on this "Glass Cannon" thing, your only a glass cannon if you dont pay attention

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