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Archived Post 02-04-2012 12:53 PM

Special offers?

I was playing World of Tanks a lot the last months and I wonder if there were/are every special offers in the C-Store like there are at World of tanks.

For example, in WoT, you have only 3 slots for tanks and have to buy more slots (like you can for ship in C-store), but sometimes, during special events, you can get those slots for half the price.

Now, I don't want a Galaxy X for 1000 C-points, but what about events like:
"Your career, your ship" - science characters get science ships from c-store 25% cheaper, engineers cruisers and tacticals escort ships.
Or "Pushing your crew to the limit" - instead of buying 12 timne a 25 duty officer roster for 180 C-points (2160 C-points in summary), you get all 400 duty officer slots for 1900 c-points
or something like that.
Just more than only that 2 bundles...

Have I simply missed these events or aren't/weren't there any speacial offers at c-store?

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