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Archived Post 02-08-2012 12:13 PM

My Odyssey Build (Science Support + Debuffer/DoTer)
Well, I couldn't find very many builds for a Science Capt. in the Odyssey, so I tried my hand at making up a decent one on my own. I think I found something that will work well, and I figured I would share it in case anyone is searching for an idea on how to build this ship.

My play-style is a debuffer/DoT'er with a bit of survivability and heals, so my build focuses on this.


Front: 3 Plasma Beam Arrays (or Polaron/Tetryon) & 1 Chroniton or Tricobalt Torpedo
Back: Same as above

Power Settings:
Weapons: 75
Shields: 50
Engines: 25
Aux: 50

Bridge Officer Skills:

Commander Engineer
Emergency Power to Shields or Engineering Team
Reverse Shield Polarity
Extend Shields
Aceton Beam

Lt. Tactical
Beam Overload or Beam Fire At Will
Attack Pattern: Beta

Lt. Commander Universal (Put a Science B.Off here)
Science Team
Hazard Emitters
Gravity Well

Lt. Science
Transfer Shield Strength
Tachyon Beam or Charged Particle Burst

Ensign Science
Jam Sensors or Tractor Beam


Tactical: 2 of them that Boost your Weapon type's damage
Science: Field Generator and Graviton Generator/Tomographic Imager/Emitter Array
Engineering: 2 RCS Accelerator, 1 EPS Flow Regulator, 1 Booster Modulator

Shield: Resilient [Cap] or Covariant [Reg]
Deflector: Standard or Graviton

Any suggestions and comments will be appreciated.

Archived Post 02-08-2012 12:35 PM

I was hoping someone would start this thread. I've been playing around with the Odyssey since I got it last Thursday and haven't really found a good build for it yet. Here is what I have.

Fore: Beams / Quantum
Aft: Same

Power: Weapon 100
Shield: 25
Engine: 25
Aux: 50

Debuff skills:
Aceton beam
Tacyon beam
Gravity well

Healing abillities:
All the ones you mentioned

Attack abilitites:
Torpedo: Spread

I play to kill things fast, through debuffing and high Weapon damage. I like to open up a hole in the shields, plant a Gravity well and then try to circle around it. Torpedos help when you have multiple targets and one happens to get in front or behind you. I think I'm going to try an Emergency Power to Auxillary / Weapons build next, using as many Aux based powers as I can. The hardest part about builds is remembering which abilities are on the same cooldown, and which abilties share common systems (making it easier to 'spec' into using them well). I struggle with this.

Archived Post 02-08-2012 10:47 PM

Yeah I can't find any builds either and a lot of the sites that have tips and guides are all outdated :( ...
so I read through the decent ones I found and tried to mix and match them to something that would work for the Odyssey.

I'm running something similar to this on my RSV at the moment and it seems to do a good bit of damage (Not as much as an escort could of course), and you don't die in 2 hits.

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