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Archived Post 02-08-2012 09:56 PM

the 3rd Faction conundrum
having tuned into priority one, i was impressed by the notion of creating the 3rd faction (romulans), but incorperating it into the existing 2

this would solve several of the problems currently stopping the romulans from entering the game
but posses a few lore issues


on the plus side

1) players.. there arn't enough to go around to fully flesh out 3 sides, the klingons are usually pretty light on most times, by placing the romulans on either Fed or Emp, you get to keep players interacting without bringing up a 3rd faction wall.. and losing 20% of your player base in the exsting factions

2) resources.. when the missions are leading into 2 factions they dont need to split the dev teams to make "just klingon or fed content as it benefits both)

3) it gets the romulans in the Game!

on the down side

A) lore.. its abit of a strecth but i would deffenitly let it slide as long as they turn the roumulan story arc into something along the lines of you and your crew are banished and need to earn favour to get back... or the romulans send you as a token of there support to cement klingon/few support due to a threat they currently face (read deamon of darkness and air)

B) not a lot of missions.. but hey i can live with this, the klingon have what 10 unique story epiosdes?

C) Expansion during the interview they mentioned that this would still be a big change and would probably require a paid expansion.. bummer if you have a lot of points.. but otherwise .. hey i'd pay to go romulan

What are your thought and would you support this by the Dev's? leave your thoughts and Contructive feedback

Archived Post 02-08-2012 10:54 PM

I, and I think most other players will agree with me here, think the Romulans deserve a full faction. The KDF is starting to look a lot better and I'm sure the player base will pick up because of it. The most important thing for the devs to work on to incorporate multiple factions is pvp based end game content that benefits all factions.

Yes the Klingons can still use a few storyline missions, but honestly, can anything in the game right now other than an FE compare to the Feklhri missions?

Archived Post 02-09-2012 01:03 AM

There is never going to be a third faction. You wanna know why?

Because why go through all the expense of making a third faction? With all that entails. When you can put said third faction's ships and uniforms in a loot box or grab bag; at very little expense to the company. With the only way to open it being a key purchased via the C-Store. And have their customers go absolutely nuts spending ton's of money trying for that .01% chance at that faction ship. But getting mostly junk for their C-Points. It's the Holiday Event Grab Bag all over again. PROFITS!!!!!!

You watch, the next faction ship they try this with is going to be a Romulan Warbird.

Just watch.

Archived Post 02-09-2012 01:47 AM

Their was an old game more than 10 years ago called Star Fleet Command

eventually SFC 2 came along which expanded the total races to more than 8 in all (been a long time, but their was 6 in the first game)

We had a pretty good fan base that developed over time on Mplayer, In fact a few SFC fleets are in this game

Bottom Line adding more factions creates a "Community" of sorts, a more "Us vs Them" espically when interaction occurs between the factions, (ie PvP)

The Feds, Roms, and Klingons were the largest by far, but eventually the other less known Factions become a "Niche" group that is attractive to different kinds of players, including myself. Just the feeling of showing up a good Fed or Klingon player in "My less popular race, that I root for"

The game even including a "Dynaverse" which was a hex based map where you would be placed into an instance to do space battle and take over territory.

So in responding to the OP, I would encourage more factions, and expanding PvP options, or having a means to really make the universe come alive with faction interactions

1) it would increase the player base
2) Great for having more of a reason to be in a Fleet
3) Good for end game
4) More C-Store Revenue for the Company, How many more Fed ships and Bridges can they make?

Im not sure if developing in that direction for STO is cost effective though, I hope it would be.

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