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Archived Post 02-09-2012 02:12 PM

No AA with ATI 6870 on Win7
As topic title states, I can't get Anti-Aliasing running with STO no matter what I try. Resulting image has jagged edges with no AA or any variation up to 8x AA (no difference at all).

Current rig: i7-930, 12gb RAM, Radeon 6870, 11.12 Catalyst drivers. Have tried using RadeonPro to tweak the game's profile, and just using CCC. Have tried with SSAO on/off, using adaptive AA (or not), and with varying levels of shadowing in-game. I've tried RadeonPro's aggressive API detection, and enhancing/overriding application settings. Nothing seems to work. I may update to the new 12.x driver set, but wanted to see if I could sort this with 11.x first.

I work with computers for a living, and have been gaming for several decades. I've never encountered a game this difficult to get AA working on. If anyone has any tips/tricks or information, I'd love to hear it.

I heard that originally Cryptic wasn't keen on writing for the ATI GPU, and that AA only worked on NVidia systems, but thought we were past that now. As the game has tons of jagged edges without AA, it would be hard for me to commit to playing without it.

Edit: Quick update - I was able to force AA on finally by toggling the game into beta DX11. When I switch back to DX9 the AA slider seems to work again. Possibly this is a problem with the ability to switch to the beta drivers (some standard features like AA may have broken as a result).

The performance under DX11 seems lower than that of DX9, probably due to the beta status.

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