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Archived Post 02-10-2012 12:01 AM

Why Can't I post in the feedback threads?
Like I said--why do I not have access to something as basic as a feedback thread? I am posting this here as it is the only place I can post anything it would seem--so what's up with that?

Archived Post 02-10-2012 12:04 AM

Have you met the requirements to unlock posting privileges for Silver members? (20 hours game time, carrying a C-Points balance, or are currently or have ever been a subscriber)

If you have, a ticket might be required. It took a few days for me too...

Archived Post 02-10-2012 12:23 AM

*Well over 20 hours of play time.

*I have 120 C points atm.

*Not a subscriber yet and not likely to be any time soon in the face of such snobbery. If the game is going to have f2p then it's rather silly to treat the f2p users like vermin.

Guess I'm keeping my feedback to myself...

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