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Science builds?
So I've determined that after doing pitiful amounts of damage that I suck at shield drain torpedo spam build or need a ton more practice at it. Thus I'm looking for examples of good science builds for LRSV-R please. Tweaks or buidls for for RSV and DSV would help more people too I guess.


LT Tac- tac team 1, high yield 2(?)
LT Eng- EPTS 1, EPTS 2
CM Sci- tractor beam1, TSS2,tachybeam 3,CPB3
LTCM Sci- haz em, tss2, CPB2(switch for tachybeam 3?)
ENS Sci- haz em

5 photon torps, 3 front 2 back with a beam array in the last slot(switch to near all BA and use 2 EPS consoles maybe?), using 2 particle gen consoles.

Got a green tractor beam shield drain doff doesn't seem to do much though.

I'm guessing for a gravity well build I just take grav well 1 and 3 on the cm sci and load a couple of aftershock grav well doffs and replace the cpb with PSW? Point and shoot as escort or crossheal spam cruiser seems much easier to do but I want a decent setup on my sci.

So tips,pointers,etc please.

Archived Post 02-10-2012 07:16 PM

For your build, I'd use 2x Tachyon Beam 3 and CPB 3; the GCD with CPB makes running 2 copies that aren't the same level inefficient. 2 Tachyon Beams also have a wonky relationship with each other (30 second CD, 20 second shared CD) but two of them allows you to always have one available and keep shields down pretty much all the time.

Also look into getting a few Flow Capacitor consoles and the Tetryon Glider; on my TachBeam Sci build, I have 2x TB 3 with 6 Tet Beams, 3 Flow Regulator consoles, and Tet Glider. Once I set my eyes on someone, they pretty much have 0 shields. Granted, I don't have the ability to full capitalize on that (no torps), but it's great for supporting Escorts... and you'll still feel the hurt with 6 125-power Beams hitting your hull.

Once the Warp Theoriest DOff ability gets fixed, 2x Tachyon Beam 3 with a couple of those will be brutal.

Here's my GW build on my Sci:

Lt Tac: TacTeam 1, FAW 2
Lt Eng: EPtS 1, Aux to SIF 1
Ens Sci: Tractor Beam 1
LtC Sci : SciTeam 1, Transfer Shields 2, Transfer Shields 3
Cmdr Sci: Hazard 1, TBR 1, PSW 1, GW 3

I have 6 Beams and no EPS consoles (just 6/9 in the appropriate power transfer skill), so you can definitely manage it.

Archived Post 02-10-2012 07:43 PM

it depnds really on what it is youre trying to do with your sci ship.

i have an nebula build, a intrepid build and a recon build i can share. each is different.
nebula is hybrid healer
recon is dps
intrpid is cc/dps/heal

Archived Post 02-15-2012 04:40 AM

Thanks for the tip I'll try it out. If anyone else ends up popping in then I'm looking for a science build that does damage, can do support on my engi cruiser.

Archived Post 02-15-2012 05:13 AM


Originally Posted by Mockeryangel
Thanks for the tip I'll try it out. If anyone else ends up popping in then I'm looking for a science build that does damage, can do support on my engi cruiser.

i have a thread where i put my builds and feel free to contact me ingame.

but im a little confused now, are you also asking for engineering builds for a support cruiser?

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