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Archived Post 02-10-2012 10:29 PM

Dynamic Patch Failure
Hello guys, a newbie player here.

So I was doing exploration mission (it was ground mission) and the skill bar decided to lock up. I couldn't use any of my weapon and kit skills so I quit the client in the middle of the combat and trying to relogin. I was askd whether to do safe or normal login I chose safe and it brought me to outside of system. Normally i could always go back to continue my cluster mission but no I was not allowed to and gott kicked to login screen with error message like this.

"Dynamic Patch Failure, idle for too long." something like that.

So, I restarted the client but now it won't let me open the launcher and failed to connect 3 times. I did a search in google about this problem and i found that this has happened before in a couple years back. I saw someone post "Just reboot your system" so i did that and I finally am able to login normally, though still asked whether I'll login with normal or safe.

But wait, when i'm trying to continue my last mission I got kicked again to login screen with the same error message and the cycle continues.

I wonder if there's any1 out there who's having this problem or is it just me? Any help is really appreciated. Thank you for your attention.

Archived Post 02-11-2012 01:14 AM

Same Problem here. I was playing a mission. the camera went wacky and I logged out and tried to log back in. It gets as far as the Cryptic screen and then kicks me saying idle to long. What is going on?

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