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FE Immersion Let Down **spoilers**
So I just finished playing the latest FE and I enjoyed it. The sudden attack, fighting on the station, and then actually having to retreat and losing. It was a nice touch. I loved how the episode ended with that female vorta saying DS9 is ours. We're told that Bajor has been set up as the command station until they get DS9 back. That's awesome, could we actually be seeing in-game story affecting the game!

NOPE...complete let down. When have a loading screen to get to bajor to talk to a guy, who basically says "mroe coming soon" and then you warp out to another loading screen. Then I go right back to DS9 to trade in some STF gear. COME ON MAN. This would have been the perfect opportunity to wow your players, instead we get another ********** effort. What you should have done is this.......

When you warp into bajor you encounter a "battle group omega" type system with many fed/klingon ships preparing for battle. Just like in BGO different ships do different things (bank, exchange, mail) Make one of the ships have an interior that has an Engineer, Doctor, Tailor, ship master, STF store, consumable vendor (this you could copy and paste over to the real BGO). Then (here's the kicker) CLOSE DOWN DS9. Its been taken over by the dominion, why should we be allowed to go back. This FE is a 5 week long event, shut it down until we take DS9 back in the story. This could have been something really cool you could do, make the game change based on the story. What a great opportunity to do something awesome and different. Opportunity lost!

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Then (here's the kicker) CLOSE DOWN DS9. Its been taken over by the dominion, why should we be allowed to go back. This FE is a 5 week long event, shut it down until we take DS9 back in the story.
that would severely break the game. there is far too much linked to the station in the way of story arcs, doff assignments and things of that nature to lock people out of it. its not practical

and as for the 'cut and paste' stuff for the battlegroup.... first, its never, ever as easy as cutting and pasting anything. and second, why would you do that at all when their command post is essentially a planet? you wouldn't.

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I agree with the OP, actually.

Closing down a major hub for 5 weeks would really make people care! And notice! And it would make the universe feel more dynamic.

It's probably too late... but what a cool thing this would have been.

Archived Post 02-12-2012 10:02 PM

Why can't you just not visit DS9 until you do the mission where we recapture it?

Archived Post 02-12-2012 10:05 PM

I agree with OP.

Also, it didn't make sense that we passed a gun store and couldn't arm the diplomats (or that only a tactical guy could pick up a gun to give them).

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Closing down the hub universally would be an awful idea.

It'd be awesome, though, if they could do it for any character who has played the new episode through. I obviously don't know the technical issues behind doing this, since I don't work with STO code, but it would seem to me it might be as easy as "closing a door" to DS9 and opening a new one on Bajor. Copy/Pasting the relevant NPC's to the new zone might not be that hard, either.

I imagine in reality it's not that simple, else I'd think they'd've done it. Or they might still plan to do it and just ddn't get it finished on time.

Guess we'll find out.

Anyway, iunno about you guys, but until I do retake the station, I'll personally be avoiding it. Easy personal step to preserve my own immersion.

Archived Post 02-12-2012 10:11 PM

I like the idea, unfortunately I do not see how it could reasonably be done. If you could not visit DS9 it would break a lot of Cryptic and foundry missions for five weeks.

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Originally Posted by Feanor12345 (Post 4017268)
Why can't you just not visit DS9 until you do the mission where we recapture it?

because it is the only place in the game to gain access to the STF store/gear.

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Originally Posted by jam062307 (Post 4017283)
because it is the only place in the game to gain access to the STF store/gear.

It's also the only place to do a few Fed missions, most of which can't be just moved to a battle group. Sure, people could hit the skip button, but how is that less immersion breaking than just pretending you can't go to DS9, especially when later episodes will reference the earlier set in DS9 ones. Sure, make a battle group to duplicate the functionality of DS9, but don't close of DS9 so that no one can go there.

Archived Post 02-12-2012 10:38 PM

It's no secret they have prepared a Bajor ground social zone. What I don't understand is, why they didn't open it up with this new FE? It would have been a perfect endcap to the mission. Finish the battle, escape to Bajor, and get that feeling of being forced into an unfamiliar situation (new ground social zone) to explore and settle in to while we contemplate how to retake DS9.

They're going to have to bring it online anyway this coming week anyway (read the description for the next FE in the mission journal, it seems pretty obvious the next FE takes place on Bajor) so why not put it online now? You could easily move the STF vendor to the Bajor surface or elsewhere to keep access to that system. It should be a trivial amount of work to move those NPCs to a new map.

As to "breaking" things in-game, well that would serve to greatly add to the immersion and gravity of the events in the most recent FE. They could have even gone as far as simply disabling all Cardassian front missions for the time being, in light of these events. This kind of evolving game world thing is a powerful storytelling tool and only feasible in MMO online persistent worlds, so why waste such an obvious opportunity to capitalize on this mechanic? As opposed to having it be the way it is now, the new mission being simply a minor distraction and totally isolated side-story that for all intents and purposes "didn't actually happen". I guess joke's on us when we finish this series only to see the whole thing was a bad dream as our captains wake up in their ship quarters as the very final scene...

I have to agree with the posters here saying that this was a major opportunity lost. Not just the immersion factor of losing DS9 but also the whole FE opener in general. This is the first fresh content in basically a year, and the first episodic content release that F2P players get to experience "as it happens". I think Cryptic really dropped the ball here in not putting forth an incredibly strong opening mission to really get people fired up and excited.

Imagine what the response could have been had this first FE mission been on par with say "Coliseum" or "A Light in the Dark"? It probably would have worked to stem some of the (significant) negativity the community has expressed regarding their past (lack of) performance in running the game, and the obvious and prevalent monetization and "grindfesting" of nearly every game mechanic.

People would have been fired up, excited to look to the future, and hoping for some real change. Instead we get a pretty run-of-the-mill episode, offset by the terrible in-game Galor spam, and no connection whatsoever between the new story event and the game world itself. It takes me back to the comments Chris made in that one episode of STO about when he hears D'Angelo speak. He doesn't get excited, is always let down, and does not look forward to the future. To me, I get the same feeling from this first FE installment. Hopefully it improves, but I can't help but continue to notice how much "hoping for future improvement" I have had to do regarding STO in the past months. When are we going to get there?

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