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Archived Post 02-16-2012 10:40 AM

Deep Space Nine Bundle - Feedback

I recently decided to block the C-Store because I found of some of the most recent additions to be ethically wrong.
However, back in November, I decided to get myself a few thousand C-Points, to buy the Defiant bridge when it came out and with that in the back of my head, I decided it was OK to use those C-Points, to acquire the Deep Space Nine Bundle. Since those C-Points were acquired months ago, specifically for this, I decided it was OK.

I open'd the C-store and? The bundle wasn't listed at all?

I started clicking through the tabs (remember, I've been looking forward to the interior for months now), and finally found it under the "Bundles" tab.
Why they have not decided to place such an anticipated item on the "Featured" page is a mystery to me.

Anyways, I purchased the bundle, and the stuff dropped half into my already existing items (Uniforms to the tailor for example), and those things I did not have room for, dropped as items into my inventory.

When I got the bundle, at first I could not see the mentioned KDF bundle, which seemed a bit odd, as it was advertised, but since I am not a big fan of the KDF, I did'n give it a second thought until the transaction was complete.
The C-Store interface jumped a little, and out of nothing, a 3'd options appeared (the 2'nd being the TOS bundle). The KDF bundle appeared upon purchase of the DS9 Main bundle.
"Cool" and Logical.

The KDF Pack holds:
  • The 3 Duty Officers (with a slightly diffrent layout than the Fed. I will update the thread with theese later)
  • The Two Bajoran weapons.

And once you have it, all you have to do is go KDF side and claim it.

Another good thing is that that the bundle is account-wide, so any and all characters can claim it regardless.

Anyways, let's move onto the content:

Defiant Interiour (Belfast):
This is what most of us have been looking forward to, and of cause this was also the first I tested... Headed straight for the shipyard to get it replaced and tested out.
  • Pros:
    • The Interiour is ALMOST to scale. Some of the Bridge elements were a tad too raised above the ground (such as the Conn station and the captains platform), and it's a little taller than expected, but it dosen't ruin anything. It's small and compact... What you would expect on a warship.
    • Classic LCARS: This is HUGE... It's awesome. Unlike the Blue on Blue Cryptic has led themselves to belive is "great", but in reality is painful to the eyes, this one is really sweet, and it feels Trek. Again at some points the textures are a bit oversized, but doesn't really break anything.
    • Engeneering, Messhall, Sickbay, Transporter room... its all there and it mostly looks right.
    • I loved that you had to walk to get between the diffrent decks. It feels right that you cant just take a turbolift from the bridge to engeneering. Not sure if it was like that on the show though.
    • The Trophy room... One word: perfect.

  • Neither Pro or Con:
    • Unlike the TOS interior, the officers on this ship are not wearing era-specific uniforms. This has been pointed out to be annoying to some. I for one did'n even know that it was possible (Don't own the TOS bundle).
      Not sure if it is good or bad.
    • Based on feedback from another reply to this thread, KDF officers "correctly" get a firefight if they go into engineering.

  • Cons:
    • There are only 3 decks, and the diffrent locations are misplaced. It especially bugged me that the Messhall is on the Engeneering deck, and not the crew deck. Nothing that breaks the expirience though.
    • When going from the bridge to the crew deck you have to use a maptransition. This dosent seem quite right, as I seem to remember the rear doors of the bridge lead to hallways rather than a "deck change". They got this right on the Stock model, but not the C-Store one... Wich is a bit dissapointing. Still dosent break the expirience though. (This may be to prevent wandering NPC's).
    • Several surfaces suffer from the DX11 "Black Texture" issue on the AMD Radeon HD 4870x2... Poorly done, and disappointing.
    • Appearently you can only leave from the bridge.

    All in all I was satisfied. The interior as a whole feels right, and I can advice those who want the bundle just for the interior to get it. It's worth it IMO.

    Another player added some screenshots here:

Bajoran Weapons:
Now obviously I can't tell you if you like the weapons or not, so I am simply gonna provide you with the specs. Both weapons level with the character (Specs from a Tactical Vice admiral with 9 points in Weapons Proficiency, Special Forces and Squad Command):
  • Pistol:
    • Primary: 33 Phaser damage x2 (90 DPS),
    • Primary: 2.5% cnahnce +2 stun,
    • Primary: -50% runspeed,
    • Primary: +20% Critical Severity
    • Secondary: 94 Phaser Damage on up to 3 targets
    • Secondary: 2.5% chance: +2 Stun for 2 secs
    • Secondary: -50% runspeed for 6 sec
    • Secondary: +20 Critical Severity

  • Rifle
    • Primary: 41 Phaser Damage x2 (85 DPS),
    • Primary: 2.5% chance: +2 stun,
    • Primary: -50% runspeed,
    • Primary: +20% Critical Severity
    • Secondary: 12 Phaser Damage x2 (2.7 DPS)
    • Secondary: -50% Runspeed
    • Secondary: +2 Stun
    • Secondary: 2.5% chance: +2 Stun
    • Secondary: -50% Runspeed
    • Secondary: +20% Critical Severity

    All in all they seem ok in battle... But if you ask me, there are better things you can use your C-Points on. It's not worth buying the bundle for theese.

  • Starfleet War Admiral:
    This uniform seems fairly ok to me. It's the nice high detail uniform that we have come to expect from Cryptic recently. Some of the textures are a bit oversized (ok... Violently oversized), especially the Gold lines along the zipper.

    I had to tinker a little with the colors to get the right combo though, so be aware.

    The uniform comes with:
    • Coat
    • Pants
    • A nice looking Starfleet themed belt (Not UFP like the Jupiter Veteran).

  • Bajoran Vedek (male):
    I geuss it is ok? Nothing TOO cool to be honest. The colors were fairly direct, and it seems close to canon.

    The uniform itself is a "Off Duty" set, located under the Dropdown on the upper right corner of the first screen. It is important that you do it on the very first screen... Why follows in a sec.

    It consists of:
    • Robe coat,
    • Robe lower (in lack of a better word)
    • Robe chest-piece
    • Vedek Hood (You will find this on the first page, on the "Category" drop down, when you have selected "Off Duty".).

      All in all the uniforms are nice. Not a let down, but not a "wohooo" either. I'd say you should'n buy the bundle for these unless you want to stand out, wich you WILL do in theese.

Duty Officers
  • As I understand it, theese are the same across the board.

    I got a Cardassian, a Bajoran and a Romulan
    • Cardassian
      • Name: Elim Ziyal
      • Department: Security / Armory Officer
      • Traits: Efficient, Eidetic Memory, Honorable, Teamwork

      • Chance to Beam in two additional Phaser Turrets
      • To self: Creates a Level 4 Phaser Burst Turret for 60 sec

    • Bajoran:
      • Name: Ro Taban
      • Department: Engineering / Technician
      • Traits: Spiritual, Stubborn, Teamwork, Cunning

      • Recharge time reduced for Engineering team by 6 sec and Buff to starship hull repair when use of Engineering team.
      • To self: +8 Starship Hull Repair for 15 seconds, reduces engineering team recharge by 6 sec.

    • Romulan:
      • Name: N'Vek
      • Department: Engineering / Shield distribution officer
      • Traits: Emotional, Teamwork, Cunning, Unscrupulous

      • Increase Aux power by 15 while using Cloak, Mask Energy SIgnature or Phase Shift, wich will in turn improove your ships stealth effectiveness.
      • +15 Aux when cloaked

    Are they worth it? I think so. The benefits are somewhat biased towards Eng, but i honestly belive that they add a worth while bonus both to missions and assignments.

    They come in a assignment box, so you won't loose them if your roster is full.

Shuttle (Type 10, Defiant Chaffee type shuttle pod):
  • This qute little thing... so small and so sexy, and SOO manuverable the Fighter will get a run for its money.
    • Base hull: 6000 (Got mine above 18k with skills)
    • Weapons: 2 Front, 0 Rear
    • Devices: 1
    • Eng Consoles: 1
    • Sci Consoles: 1
    • Tac Consoles: 1
    • Skills attached: Emergency Power to engines

    I was a little sad that it couldn mount cannons, but in the end I geuss it is fair enough, considering it's manuverability.

    It comes in a box, so if you don't have ship slots open, you can simply wait to unpack it. I did not test if you could sell it.

    You should also note that you get a real tiny (almost correct scale) Shuttle Pod pet to follow you around. When in your normal ship. It's so qute.


Having tested the bundle and it's contents, the question remains: Am I satisfied with my purchase?

I am still dissapointed with the sluppy (even lazy) approach to textures, both on the bridge and the uniforms provided. I've seen older games with pretty bad engines provide high quality very detailed textures, so I actually expected alot more here.

Nothing is of the +1 mentality, so there's nothing that will give you that OP thing people are always mentioning, but it still gives you an edge that makes your money worth while, and as such the bundle makes itself worthwhile.

If I knew all these things before I had bought the pack? Yes... I would. But I would probably have waited for stipends rather than use real-life money.

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Archived Post 02-16-2012 10:46 AM

The c-store pic of the vedek uniform shows headwaer, but cant find it anywhere. trying to work out if its bugged or not.

Archived Post 02-16-2012 10:47 AM

Thx for the info :)

Archived Post 02-16-2012 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
The c-store pic of the vedek uniform shows headwaer, but cant find it anywhere. trying to work out if its bugged or not.

I was considering this too... I think it may be female only?

Archived Post 02-16-2012 10:50 AM

I'd have to agree with the review. I didn't bother much with the type-10 yet, I imagine it'll replace my Delta Flyer as my primary shuttle. I'll run it through The Vault when I get home tonight.

I would make note that the crew on this bridge pack do NOT wear Dominion War uniforms, they wear 2409 costumes.

Archived Post 02-16-2012 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by Sprint01
I would make note that the crew on this bridge pack do NOT wear Dominion War uniforms, they wear 2409 costumes.

Are they supposed to?

Archived Post 02-16-2012 10:55 AM

Nice review! I think I'll be getting this when I get home tonight. Mostly canon interior and a proper DS9 admiral coat? Good enough for me.

Archived Post 02-16-2012 11:00 AM

Any news if we'll be seeing this pack broken up into smaller parts? I'm really only jazzed about the bridge. As for the review, nicely done, good to know that it's worth thinking about!

Archived Post 02-16-2012 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by anazonda (Post 4026724)
I was considering this too... I think it may be female only?

i tried it on both male and female. cant find it anywhere. it might be there is no head option and someone just did a copy and paste job of an npc for the pic but it would be nice to know.

Archived Post 02-16-2012 11:10 AM


Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
i tried it on both male and female. cant find it anywhere. it might be there is no head option and someone just did a copy and paste job of an npc for the pic but it would be nice to know.

Yea... come to think of it, We don't have any real head costume options under uniforms... Unless they are under "head" of cause...

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