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Archived Post 02-17-2012 08:46 PM

Belfast Issues that should be fixed.
Why is the navigation station on a platform like the captain's chair is? Can this get fixed so that the station is on the 'floor'? Right now, the navigator seriously blocks the Captain's view to the screen, plus it looks dopey.

*EDIT* I looked up a 'schematic' for the Defiant bridge and it does have the navigation station on a platform, but the Captain's platform was twice as high. In game, it's equal height. So, to be 'true', the captain's platform should be doubled in height, or the navigation platform lowered by half and the captain's platform raised.

As has been noted, the crew should be in DS9 outfits, as the Constitution interior set the precedent for.

It's also been noted elsewhere there are backwards LCARS panels. These should be fixed so they're oriented in the right direction.

Crew wanders too closely to the Captain's quarters and ready rooms, opening and leaving those doors open for much too long. I'd like a little privacy on my ship and when I'm talking with other officers, thanks. (This is an issue on most interiors actually.)

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