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Archived Post 02-18-2012 02:36 PM

Sound Issue - Winamp ON = Ambient Sound OFF ?!
I usually listen to Star Trek OST in Winamp while playing

I have set Winamp to the default player in the STO Options (i can change winamp loudness in STO thx to that option, but i think that is all it does).

My Problem is that as soon as i press PLAY in Winamp the Ambient Sound stops (just noticed this on Bajor, which has awesome Ambient Sound btw. unlike the overly BASS heavy ESD humming)

i press play in winamp
ambient sound stops
i press stop in winamp
ambient sound resumes

Soundcard: ASUS Xonar D2
OS: Windows 7 64 bit

...if you need any other info plz ask.

Archived Post 02-19-2012 03:32 AM

ok this does not happen 100% of the time

to reproduce

i need only to change ANY audio loudness level in the audio options window or in the ingame media player window and the above behavior starts, and won't stop until i restart the game

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