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Archived Post 02-19-2012 01:20 PM

Tech illiterate needs help...
Okay, so I don't know anything about computers and this would be the first online game I've ever played. I signed up and did what it said....I know it was downloading something but after that nothing came up and I don't know what to do? Everything I've read in the FAQ thing says login to the game but I can't even do that...there is no game launch screen coming up and I don't know how to get to it....please, someone help!

Archived Post 02-19-2012 06:00 PM

My advice is to find someone you know near you who can come over and assist in showing you where things download to, how to find them, etc. That would make it much easier, and that being said, here's a quick synopsis of what needs to be done when you first join the STO crowd:

1. Sign up and download the "downloader" client - Please note that this is NOT the game.
2. Launch the downloader and begin your wait - This could take hours, or days, depending on your connection
3. Install the STO client - Once the download is finished, you'll be prompted to launch the installer, do it to install the software client.
4. After install you should have an STO icon on your desktop, or at least under the "Games" folder in the Start Menu, click on it to launch the patcher.
5. Log in using the credentials you provided when you first signed up.
6. Watch as you begin the patch process, I do however suggest that you take in a movie and maybe dinner.

Once all of that lovely stuff is completed, you can now click on "Engage" in the bottom right of your launcher and then play the game! Woot to the woot!

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