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Archived Post 02-20-2012 11:43 AM

Just Spitballing: Idea to fix STF (not just elite)
Ok, so theres alot of talk about STF being broken In one way or another be it drop rates or “newbz/noobs/noobz” in elites.

I have what I think is a pretty simple idea for fixing this WITHOUT the dev’s having to spend a ton of time on it.

We need to teir the STF’s and add 2 more difficulty levels.

My idea is as follows(numbers may need tweaked)

First, we need easy/normal/advanced/elite levels, Each level would be unlocked by the following
Win 15 of the lower level without optional
Win 5 with Optional

this isnt a punishment its progression and if done properly helps with the steep learning curve elites have.

next the difficulty levels.

Easy would be what is “normal” now, would be good to drop the level people can start doing these to 40 or even 35.

ok for drop rates

Easy W/O optional: 1 EDC and 440 dilitium
Easy W/Optional: 1 EDC 880 dilithium 1:5 chance at a 2nd EDC 1:5 chance at blue tech or salvage.

Normal W/O: 1 EDC 440 dilithium
Normal With: 1 EDC 880 dilithium 2:5 chance to get a 2nd chip 1:5 chance at blue tech/salvage.

Advanced W/O: 2 EDC 880 dilithium
Advanced with: 2EDC 1100 dilithium 3:5 chance at another EDC, 2:5 chance at blue tech/salvage, 1:5 chance at prpl tech/salvage

Elite W/O: 2 EDC 1100 dilithium 2:5 chance at blue tech/salvage
Elite With: 3 EDC 1440 dilithium, everybody gets some kind of blue tech/salvage AND a 1:5 chance at prototype

I know the numbers arent perfect, I tryed to be conservative without being to much so.

another must would be a nagg screen in advanced telling the player they have ship damage(same with ground for injuries really) and how to repair/heal, also could be good if they got a stipen of heal items for each round......humm

how about this for stipen for winning rounds(independant of other drops)
winning gets them a stack of 5 of componants for the 2 lower teirs of repair, optional adds 5 criticals.

I do think that at least in advanced they should be nagged a bit and offered componants for a fair price(more then space dock but not so much more its not affordable), alot of people I have met have no idea what injuries are...let alone how to fix them...a little in game reminder/lesson would be good before they even start elites.(hell could even add an accolade for your first repair!!!)

I Know the idea isnt perfect as it stands, but I (and those I have talked it over with) think its a good starter point, main issue would be drop rates, you dont want htem to high(So nobody has a reason to do stfs) but with them as low as they are now, many people dont see any hope of ever getting a set of mkII gear...and thats sad...could even drive people to quit the game.(not me, but I know people who dont like not being able to get the good stuff....)

and please no "this is elitist" BS, I think most of us doing elites would be happy to do the lower teirs to get back to doing elites if it ment we had less totally inexperienced players in them.

also note: I built the above specs with the idea that it should be VERY desirable to get the optional, currently it clearly isnt because so many people say "the optional dosnt matter"

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