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Archived Post 02-22-2012 05:34 AM

Science captain looking for fleet.
Lately I have gotten into flying STFs, and I would like to break into elites, but pick-up-groups are so unreliable in normals that I would like to find a group that knows what they are doing and is capable of coordinating with each other to complete all of the objectives. I also like to do the dailies from time to time (love the Mirror Universe one so much it's basically what took me to VA).

I also wouldn't mind grouping up for the episodic content from time to time, so far I have omly gotten about halfway through tne Romulan Front.

I currently fly a Recon Science vessel as healing and debuff suppprt, but may want to try another class, science ship, or otherwise, and am alergic to ground combat.

I am usually active mornings mountain time zone (work third shift), and don't log into STO every single day so am looking for a friendly, casual group. I wouldn't be adverse to roleplaying, but won't be forced into it.

Archived Post 02-22-2012 06:41 AM

I believe the {UFP} may be what you're looking for. If you are a talented Science Captain who doesn't mind sharing what they know, I DEFINITELY would like to have you join because I am working on my FIRST Science Captain (currently LCDR) and have very little experience with the Science side.

Let me tell you a few things about the {UFP}, and then I would ask you to visit our website to get more details. No need to bore you to death here. Who wants to be in a fleet that does something like that?

The {UFP}:
-- Is a worldwide fleet with a large presence on both hemispheres.
-- Has been in existence for nine years and supports multiple Star Trek games
-- Welcomes everyone from the newest F2P player to the grizzled Lifer
-- Has regularly scheduled STF events (Wed & Sun) and a number of players who run them throughout the week
-- Holds quarterly award ceremonies to recognize members who excel in the fleet
-- Has their own website complete with forums
-- Publishes a quarterly e-zine
-- Has a dedicated command staff who is approachable by any member of the fleet.
-- Holds special events as merited in the game

OK, I could go on and on. It would be best if you visited our site and saw for yourself what we have to offer. The link is Head over and check us out. No obligation, it's just a friendly visit. I think you'll be glad you did. Tell 'em Stormy sent ya.

Archived Post 02-22-2012 10:15 AM

I can't claim to be an expert, but I am always willing to share what I do know. I have some knowledge of escorts from before STO when FTP, but at the moment, I do combat support. I don't have the top level healing abilities, but I have the mid levels bonused fairly well and know how to use them. I am working on learning more about using a science vessel in a more offensive role, and just snagged a nebula to try that on for size, however.

I will check that site, though.

Archived Post 02-22-2012 12:47 PM

Please take a moment to consider the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet.
Good afternoon. I hope you will take a moment and consider the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet. We are a small but great fleet. We are easy going, dedicated and friendly. We all come from different backgrounds and have different ways of doing things, but thatís part of what makes us great.

Anyone in our fleet is happy to help others when needed, in almost any aspect of the game and in some cases RL. We have a fleet TeamSpeak3 server that we use for voice chat not just in-game but also to hang out as well and get to know each other better (not required, just available). Many of us are located on the East Coast and Midwest (USA), Europe and now even parts of the Middle East. :D

Although I say our fleet is dedicated, we also realize that everyone has lives as well, so when you need to take the time, you don't need to be concerned about losing your position within the fleet due to RL too. We do not discriminate against such things because we understand that sometimes real life issues and problems can take time to resolve, and that some time is needed to sort things out.

So please, think about joining and moving with us into 2410 armed with the best Intel, the most specific and targeted body of knowledge about STO, and a group of Fleet-mates who will be there with you in the crunch. We have also rebuilt our STF task force and we are able to achieve the Elite Optionals. :D

The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet

Live Long and Prosper!

If you would like additional information on the [VKF] please donít hesitate to contact me or any of our members.

Archived Post 02-27-2012 03:37 PM

Back from a quick vacation; any other fleets looking for members?

Archived Post 02-29-2012 05:03 AM

Well, you could do a lot worse than checking out the BSC.

Yes, I know, we're not exactly your time zone, but you mentioned playing in the mornings, and that ties up reasonably well with Europeans playing in the afternoon and evening.

We're a laid back fleet that like to use Vent, and have an active community behind us spanning a variety of titles.

We're bringing most of our newer guys into the STF normals, and now we've enough regular VA's, into the Elites with the appropriate optional objectives.

If you're interested, just pop into the BSC chat channel and say hello!

Archived Post 02-29-2012 06:58 AM

Hey....don't forget to check out the {UFP}! I hope you've taken time to visit and see what we have to offer.

Archived Post 02-29-2012 08:01 AM

Come check

We do regular STF runs. We do Elite, normal and other events.

Archived Post 03-01-2012 08:42 PM

You can check us out. We are small but have members working on STF's and other content daily. Feel Free to contact anyone of us either through our sites or through our ingame chat.

We are very laid back and love to just have a good time.

Third Fleet Task Force Forums
Third Fleet Task Force Web Page

or try our new ingame chat channel

/channel_join tftfsto

Archived Post 03-02-2012 12:45 PM

If you are over 30 then we may be the fleet for you. We are a mature casual fleet where some of us go on a vacation with the family and we are all here when they get back. No rules, no bosses, just fun people.

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