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Shield Heals
Which shield heal is the strongest/best for shields? I been using Science Team, but i've seen some threads where others are listed and Sci Team is not, any reason why?

Archived Post 02-23-2012 12:40 PM

TSS does a large heal over time and also adds some resists (where as Science team applies a large immediate heal with clearing things like sub nucleon beam shield drain). Science also team shares a cool down with the valuable Engineering Team and Tactical Team abilities, while TSS does not.

Archived Post 02-23-2012 12:53 PM

Science team only gives a small shield heal. it's major purpose is clearing science debuffs (subnucleonic beam and viral matrix.)

For buffing your own shields, Emergency power to shields is probably the go to, it gives a straight shield bonus, and it also increases your shield resists (so you take less damage) and the increase shield power also buffs your resists and increases the regeneration rate. Obviously the regen is worth more on regenerative shields, and less so on covariant (standard and resilient fall somewhere in between).

If you want to do shield heals, Transfer shields strength is a good ability for everyone. It starts as at the ensign level on science boffs, and provides a good HoT for shields combined with a damage reduction, and can be targeted on yourself or an ally. the heal and damage reduction are affected by auxillary level so bring your aux power up before using it.

There is also Extend shields, which starts at the Lieutenant level on engineering boffs; Like TSS, it is a HoT and damage reduction, but it can only be used on an ally, not yourself. It has a duration twice as long, and the total heal is less, but the damage resistance is better. The amount of heal and damage reduction is based off of your shield power.

The last on is reverse shield polarity. it turns incoming energy weapon damage into healing power for yourself instead. It has a very long cooldown, however, so you can't rely on it, it is more of an emergency bridging power if you really get into trouble.
You are probably going to want Transfer Shield Strength II (TSS I is fairly weak). Emergency power to sheidls is also a good idea.

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I personally only have science team to clear debuffs, and I won't have a version higher than 1. While it's a shield heal, it doesn't provide any resists while both Transfer Shield Strength and Emergency Power to Shields both provide heals, but also a damage resistance which is key.

It also shares a cooldown with Engineering Team and Tactical Team.

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If you want to use your team skills, pop tac team along with your shield heal so all the heal gets routed to the facing taking all the hate. Much better than the pitiful heal of science team.

Archived Post 02-23-2012 01:12 PM

Right ok, thanks :) Im plotting my BOAs for my T5 ship and this is what I had so far.

Tact: High Yield I, Tact Team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire I
Eng: Eng Team I, Em Power To Shields II
Sci: Hazard Emitters I, Tractor Beam I, Energy Siphon I, Feedback Pulse I, Sci Team III, Tykens Rift II, Viral Matrix III

So I should trade Sci Team III for TSS III, which should I drop to fit in Sci Team I for debuff cleanse?

Aiming for a DSP Recon.

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Originally Posted by Raptor63549
Much better than the pitiful heal of science team.

I wouldn't call science team III pitiful. ^_^ But yeah, if it's a choice between just it or just TSS, TSS is probably a better choice.


Originally Posted by terrorize89
Boff Layout

I wouldn't run 3 teams, personally--too many abilities locked on the same cooldown. If you're dropping science team 3, I'd consider dropping it altogether. And tractor beam and hazard emitters are both great abilities.

You might could shuffle some of your lieutenant powers around? FBP/TSS share a cooldown, maybe drop FBP?

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