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Archived Post 02-25-2012 03:07 PM

Can someone take a look at this build? Plus 2 questions.
Like a lot of people I'm back now and haven't played since release. I found this build which looked pretty good and have stuck to it for the most part. I'm only at Capt right now so I've held back in a few areas.

I was hoping an expert could take a quick look at it and tell me if there's any changes they'd make.

I'm a Tac/Escort btw. This build shows a Fleet Escort but I'm not sure if that's what I'll use at 50.

Also, in that build it shows the Lt Cmd and Cmd stations having the same first 3 skills in both stations. I was wondering why Torp Spread was chosen for the Lt spot in both cases instead of 1 or both with Torp Spread III in the Lt Cmd slot and Scatter I for Lt.

Oh 1 last little question. How much of a damage boost does Tac Team I give you?



Bah! Thought of another few questions.

For skills or items like batteries, does anything above 125 power go to waste or does it still help? Batteries pretty much always take me over 125 and I'm guessing skills like Emerg Power to Wep does also. (Although I've never used Emerg Power to Wep)

Does all accuracy bonuses add to my dmg? I can't remember if its crit % chance or dmg. I'm reffering to both passive and active skills that increase accuracy and items that have accuracy bonuses.

Is there a web page that talks about diminishing returns from things like multiple consoles of the same type and whatever else?

Archived Post 03-04-2012 09:21 AM

Anyone able to help me out?

I'm actually lvl 40 now so I'm also trying to decide on the Fleet Escort of the Advanced.


Archived Post 03-04-2012 02:07 PM

That build isn't bad, but is a little inefficient in places, here's a slightly refined version although you can go firther and cut more out of space/ground based on your preferences, for example, subsystem repairs, less focus on torps or focusing your ground skills onto a specific kit (you can still use others effectively without speccing into them). Also, as a general rule I tend not to go to rank 9 in something unless it's integral to the build, you'll get a bigger return from taking a focused versatility approach, this is because the last 3 ranks of each skill give out much smaller bonuses than the first 6 ranks. You'll notice I redirected some SP to make the ship faster, this is because higher speeds increase your defense bonus meaning you get hit less when flying at full tilt.

Right, the reason I suspect the build author had 2 copies of Torp Spread is because torp powers can be preloaded and stacked. When mindful of the durations and cool downs, you could fire torp spread and have the other ready to go by the time the next torp is ready and not wait for the cool down before you can fire a torp spread again. I suspect the lower rank of the torp powers is because energy weapons are generally more effective in many situations (though torps are still useful ofc).

Tac Team increases the skill for your weapon attacks (16 IIRC, about the same as the last three ranks of Weapon Training) and while the boost isn't remarkeable in itself, Tac Team redirects shield strength to facings being fired upon, this can be essential to survival. This is probably why the person picked two copies of EPtS too not only for the power boost but the shield resistance (with 2 copies of EPtS, both buffs cna be kept on at all times).

There is a hard cap for power levels at 125, so anything over this is indeed unused. In an escort your standard weapon power should be at 125 anyway (through captain skills and consoles etc) so EPtW isn't a good choice usually.

When it comes to accuracy, any bonus accuracy from skills, traits, wepon bonuses and the like that take you over 100% accuracy vs the targets defense converts into both crit chance and crit severity, so the more the merrier. A lot of people, myself included, consider accuracy bonuses the best to have on weapons.

Hope that helps, holler if you need anything else.

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