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Counter to Tachyon Drone spam?
I have seen more Tachyon Drone spam than I would care to stomach… I ask the question… is there a counter to it that I have not realized yet?

The drones are a really very, very effective means to stripe starships of their primary defense rapidly exposing their hull to High damaging torpedo’s from even more little fighters. Even with Beam Fire at will, you often succumb to the spamming of these drones. Is there an effective way to stop this form of attack on your ship?

If the answer is no, which I believe it may be, I was curious if the Feedback pulse bridge officer ability could be made to better deal with these little pests by redirecting the effect back onto them for the duration of the ability… that goes for tachyon beam as well. I know it is situational, but... food for thought?

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Que up for FVF..

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Standard spam clearance stuff. I like gravity wells and tractor beam repulsors myself. I admit, they do seem irritatingly hard to kill though; I focus more on keeping them at arms length than actually destroying them.

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Originally Posted by Zorena
Que up for FVF..

Then he be on here next week askin the counter to ams spam... but to answer the question GW,TBR and PSW all do a pretty good job of clearing carrier spam

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Sadly, there isn't much you can do besides bringing sci ships with gravwell and photonic shockwave and keeping torpedo spread handy.

Tachyon drones are, and this is coming from a KDF officer, a little excessive at the moment. I feel very uncomfortable using something so blatantly difficult to defend agaisnt.

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Originally Posted by Jsimon22 (Post 4056677)
Then he be on here next week askin the counter to ams spam... but to answer the question GW,TBR and PSW all do a pretty good job of clearing carrier spam

Cannon scatter volley... torp spread... FAW I guess. Just too add a couple more.

Archived Post 02-28-2012 01:48 PM

Just make sure that the target isn't too close to other NPCs when you unleash your Torpedo Spread (i.e. the Carrier is spawning the drones right before you fire). Otherwise, for some reason, Torpedo Spread has the tendency to damage as well as heal your target. I'm giving anywhere from 5-25k heals thanks to my Torp Spread.

Archived Post 02-28-2012 03:37 PM

Not really much you can do, unless the Tach drones user is exceedingly stupid. If there's more than 1 carrier, you'd in for a hard time with FAW and torp spread. Try to individually target them, as difficult as that can be.

In my sci ship, I literally hug a tach drone carrier and hit PSW3 whenever they're launched to try to one shot them all. It says something about how ridiculous those drones are that I have to focus a lot of my attention on a couple drones instead of actually trying to kill targets.

Archived Post 02-28-2012 03:48 PM

I used them for a bit in Kerrat the other day. At captain level, at least, quantum mines were hilariously effective against them. I'm not sure if anyone would want to carry mines just for spam counters, or even if that scales into level 40/50, but it might be something to try.

Archived Post 02-28-2012 05:51 PM

The ways to beat a Carrier's Pets.. weither Tachyon Drone, or other:

Eject warp Plasma and drag them into it or lead them into it.

Fire at Will

Cannon Scatter Volley

Gravity Well

Tractor Beam Repulsors

Torpedo Spread

Photonic Shockwave (If your damage is high enough)

Target Subsystem: Aux proc has a chance to shut down the Aux which means the Carrier can't deploy pets.


Any console that does AOE damage.

And I would assume any effect that defends against Tachyon Beam, but I believe it's been mentioned around these forums that those don't work on the Drones..?

Oh and yes.. as always. Kill the Carrier/Flight Deck Cruiser.

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