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Archived Post 03-01-2012 08:56 AM

Does the C-store on Tribble work?
I've used the C-Store on Tribble before, and it worked just fine, both with test C-Store points that have been given out and with C-Store points I've bought. I could spend them on Holo and they would still be there for me on Tribble, and vice versa.

However, I went to transfer my klink to Tribble yesterday, hoping to test some of the klink ship/console setups before making a purchase on Holo, and I noticed this in the Tribble FAQ:

"Can I buy items from the C-store on Tribble?"
"No. If you attempt to do this and a bug occurs that allows your transaction to go through, you will lose both the item and your Cryptic Points on both Tribble and Holodeck."

Is this bug still live? I'm not sure when the last time the FAQ was updated (looks like 3/10?), so I wanted to see if this is still true or not before purchasing stuff on Tribble and wasting my C-Store points for Holo.


Archived Post 03-01-2012 04:10 PM

I think that was before F2P. Back then if you clicked the Cstore button on tribble it would give you a blank window, to keep you from buying on tribble, since then they added the tribble test points, so the CStore is safe to use on tribble.

Archived Post 03-01-2012 07:59 PM

Thanks for the reply, I'll give it a go tonight.

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