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Which klingon ships would be the equiv to escorts like fleet escort and defiant?
As title.

Switching to klingon play for a bit to get doff system up and running to get more dilithum per day. Wondering tho what ships the escorts would be with klingons because usually feds escorts are the only ones for cannon play but with klingons most of their ships can use cannons so which would be the escort types for klingons and mainly for what the fleet escort and defiants would be for klingons. I would say brel refit is the defiant version but not sure on fleet escort.

Also what ships are handy with just cannon and turrets like i do with my fed fleet escort? For the kling side.

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Technically the Raptor is the closest thing to the Defiant if not a little slower on the turning (probably a pivot point issue). The Garumba is the closest to the Fleet Escort plus it has that really nice Javelin.

Archived Post 03-02-2012 04:54 AM

For just cannons and turrets, the Hegh'ta bird of prey is probably the best. Unless you put a DBB or a torpedo in on the Qin and Garumba, you'll have BOFF skills that are wasted, or share too many CDs.

But if what you're doing's working for you on the FE, the Garumba shares that boff layout.

Archived Post 03-05-2012 08:35 AM

I like my Garumba. DHC Cannons XII and A Quantum Torpedo in front and turrents or beams in the back. It is the closest to MVAE for Kingons. You have the LT Command BO spot and the disruptor lance. So it is a wierd hybrid of an advance escort and Galaxy X.

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