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Archived Post 03-01-2012 10:10 PM

Buying a VA ship
At the moment I'm level 48 with a escort. In two levels I will be level 50 and I'm going to buy a ship of the c store. Now after I pay the 2000 c points do I then have to purchase the ship in game with dilthium?

Also what would recommend the retrofit escort or dreadnaught. I've being switching between escort and cruiser all game.


Archived Post 03-01-2012 10:25 PM

Once you buy any ship in C-Store it is put in your inventory or straight into your list of owned ships. You don't then have to use dilithium.

I've played this game since the original launch. I can tell you that the Dreadnought is a tank. The phaser lance packs a huge punch, and it can equip cannons. Unfortunately the terrible turn rate means that, for most enemy ships, you won't be able to line up a forward attack run. In my opinion the dreadnought is a bit overpriced. If you are a tac. and or have been using escorts, I'd go with the Prometheus. Just load it up with cannons and have a hull repair and shield boost as traits in your engineering slot.

Hope this helps :)

Archived Post 03-02-2012 01:52 AM

Defiant Retrofit or the Prometheus MVAM.

It's too bad you weren't around to get your free Odyssey cruiser and try it. That crap needs half a sector space to turn 180 degrees, and I don't think the dreadnought is any better.

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