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Archived Post 03-02-2012 01:57 PM

Share Your Cruiser Loadouts
I was looking up the best loadout for my assault cruiser and it got me wondering what everyone's favourite and most hated cruiser builds are, so if you've got a good build or know of an incredibly stupid one, please share it here!

My current loadout is:


Fore Weapons:
Borg Photon Torp Mk XII
Phaser Array Mk XI [Dmgx2]
Breen Cluster Torp
Borg Dual Polaron Beam Bank Mk XII

Aft Weapons:
Phaser Array Mk XI [Dmgx2]
Photon Torp Mk X [Dmg]
Phaser Array Mk XI [Dmgx2]
Borg Quantum Torp Mk X (thought I got the Mk XII :()

Assimilated Borg

Assimilated Borg

Assimilated Borg

Engineering Consoles:
Assimilated Borg
Common RCS Acc Mk XII
Common Ablative Armor Mk XII
Rare Neutronium Armor Mk XI

Science Consoles:
Antimatter Spread (from Venture Class)
Field Gen (+35% Cap)

Tactical Consoles:
Uncommon Directed Energy Manifold Mk XII
Uncommon Directed Energy Manifold Mk XII
Rare Directed Energy Manifold Mk X

34 Scorpion Fighters
Weapons Battery - Large
Subspace Field Modulator

Planned Changes:
M.A.C.O. Deflector
M.A.C.O. Shields
Energy Weapons to 1 of these:
Will change Tactical Consoles to the appropriate type (Antiproton Mag etc)
Might get rid of Aft Photon Torp
Also Might change RCS to hull armor as I never notice much difference
Finally might get Mk XI [Acc] [Dmgx2] beam arrays from dil store

I know its a far from perfect build but I hope to change it even more
BTW I'm a Tac officer

Thanks For Reading!

P.S. If you want I could post BOFF abilities as well

Archived Post 03-02-2012 02:20 PM

You realize the +35% shields do NOT stack?

Archived Post 03-02-2012 02:23 PM

Yh I know I accidentally put it twice lol I'll edit it and fix it

Archived Post 03-02-2012 02:32 PM

First off,you may want to drop that second field generator as they don't stack.

Assault Cruiser:


2x AP Beam Array MK X
1x AP DBB MK X and
1 x Quantum Torp MKXII[Borg]


3xAP Beam Array MK X
1 x Qauntum Torp MK XI

Borg Deflector
Borg Engines
Aegis Shields(Savin up for MACO XI)


Shield Batteries.
Wepaon Batteries
Subspace Fields Modulator
48 Scorpion Fighters

Eng: RCS Accelerator MKXI(Blue),Assimilated Console.EPS Console,Antimatter Spread
Sci:Field Generator,Field Emmiter(No point in using two field generators as the don't stack)
Tac: 2x AP Mag regualtor Mk XI(26%),1x Zero Point Quantum Chamber Mk XI(26%)

Been flying an escort for now so I might have forgotten one console or another,but it's basicaly that.
My Sugestions:
Antiprotons, they seem to be the beetter thing these days.
And put more beam arrays in there, drop some launchers, even with the sov you're not going to be facing your enemy that much.

Archived Post 03-02-2012 02:44 PM

I see you're planning on standardizing your energy weapons and getting the appropriate tac consoles. I'm sure your teammates will appreciate your increased DPS. :) Is it safe to assume you'll do this for your torpedos too?

Regarding energy weapon type I think the consensus is that Disruptor or AP is best for DPS. Tetryon seems to make sense too (not sure why it isn't more popular), but I don't think the Polaron proc is worthwhile.

Regarding the dilithium store: if you have plenty of data samples and particle traces, crafting during the "Time to Craft!" event will cost you half as much dilithium.

Archived Post 03-02-2012 02:47 PM

Just for grins:

AC Build:

3x Disruptor Cannons Mk XI
1x Quantum Torpedo MK XI
4x Disruptor Turrets MK XI

3x Disruptor Manifolds MK XI (Blue)
Borg Console, Shield Cap Console
1x EPS Console MKXI (Blue), 2 Shield power consoles MK XI (Blue), 1 x Neotronium Armor MK XI
Borg Deflector, Borg Engine, MACO Shield MK XI

Run CRF1 and HY1, along with an Aux2Damp1 to get your torpedo strike on target. For extra damage, throw on a DEM3.

Cheers! :)

Archived Post 03-02-2012 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by corgatag
I see you're planning on standardizing your energy weapons and getting the appropriate tac consoles. I'm sure your teammates will appreciate your increased DPS. :) Is it safe to assume you'll do this for your torpedos too?

I'm not sure if I'll do it for torps as I'm getting rid of most of them and might just use the extra slot to make my energy weapons as strong as pos but I'm not sure, I'll post again when I decide

BTW I've went AP, which is annoying coz I already got the polaron dual beam

Archived Post 03-03-2012 11:02 AM

I found disruptors and phasers lack luster in pvp...a lot of people rock resistance armor to them so here is what I did.

U.S.S. Phalanx

2x Tetryon DBB MK XI
2x Tetryon BA MK XI

3x Tetryon BA MK XI
1x Quantum Torp MK X1

(the quantum is filling in for a spot till I get another one and then another tetryon beam array for fore: 1 DBB, 1 QT, 2 BA aft: 3 BA 1 QT)

Tac consoles:
3x Tetryon dmg boosters rare MK XI

Engineer consoles:
2x EPS flow rare MK XI, 1x Armor w/ pha + disrup resistance very rare MK XI, Shield emitter rare MK XI

Science console:
Field emitter very rare MK XI
Shield Emitter amplifier rare MK XI

Positron Deflector XI very rare
Covariant capx2 phaser resist very rare MK XI

Tac boffs:
VERY tempted to go FAW1, APB1, and BO1 or FAW1

Eng boffs:
EPtW1, RSP1, EPtS3, ETS3
EPtS1, ET1, AtSIF2, (rotating into commander spot has EWP2 for moar debuff)
I have a third I can rotate in and out that has EPtS1, EPtW2, DEM2, an ETS3 which I may experiment with DEM and FAW more.

Sci Boffs:
ST1, HE2
VERY tempted to try using FBP or Tractor beam

I noticed with FAW 1v1 or chasing down someone in pvp, my tetryons EAT shields it. The debuff for disruptors never really seemed to help me when I rocked full disruptors. One PVP session with full purple MK XI Tetryons and I was EATING SHIELDS.

Archived Post 03-03-2012 01:17 PM

Are the assimilated sets better then what I am running? I haven't really looked at them yet.

Archived Post 03-03-2012 04:15 PM

Mine works pretty damn well vs pretty much anything, still upgrading and tweaking the missiles, but so far...

Assault Cruiser
Fore x3 Polaron Mk X Beam array, Mk X Quantam Torp

Aft: x3 Polaron Mk X Beam array, Mk X Quantam Torp

Tactical: All increase polaron 26%

Science: Shield regen 22%, Shield 35%

Engineering: All armor +22 (forget the names), EPS Flow XII x2

Shield, engine, and deflector are all Aegis set.

My ship at broadside fires every polaron beam, ducks back and forth for snapshots 1&2, and while dealing incessant dps, I am free to heal my team. All in all, pretty damn effective.

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