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Archived Post 03-02-2012 10:24 PM

Assistance with Negh'var build
Here's my current build. (I'm a Major general, nearly LT)

4xTetryon DHC Rare forward
3x Tetryon Turrets aft
1x Quantum Mine launcher aft

EPS REgulator
RCS Accelerator
2x Neutronium Alloy
2xBiofunction monitor (not at STFs just yet)
2xtetryon pulse generators
1xprefire chamber

covariant shields
combat impulse engines
tachyon deflector

tac team 1, cannon rapid fire 1
epower to shields 1, directed energy mod1, aux power to inertial dampeners ii, eject warp plasma ii
epower to shields 1, engineering team 2, reverse shield polarity ii
emergency power to aux 1
science team 1, hazard emitters 2

I'm obviously seeing a major power falloff when i alpha strike all my weapons (dem and rapid fire recover some of that), but I'd like to reduce the falloff further while maintaining DPS. I'm not sure whether I should be tryin to replace my consoles, or get vrare impulse engine with better energy boosts or sometihhng. AS well, I'm not sure if my space abilities are optimal (I barely use eject warp plasma since i left my vorcha/d7 for instance).

What's the best way to keep DPS while avoidng major power drains? And are there any better ablities or setups i should be focusing on now? (I really dont know what else my 3rd ensign should have since the epower to shields means i cant use aux without killing off my shield boost chain).

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

Archived Post 03-04-2012 10:56 PM

Right, forst of all, you're using tetryons, stop doing that, seriously. They may look good on paper but in practice, you'd be hard pushed to notice them doing anything vs Anti Proton or Disruptor. Plasma is also a good choice for a little extra damage and Polaron or Phaser are OK if you like those.

As you're using an all cannon/turret setup keep the RCS console and the EPS console will help with power drain (slightly). The armour consoles are ok but you should consider carrying more specific armour consoles and equipping them based on the enemy you're fighting.

As soon as humanly possible, do the solo mission "Infected" for the Borg console and put it in a sci slot, and get a Field Generator console (crafted or exchange) for +35% shield capacity.

Ditch the prefire chamber and get another damage type specific console. I know, some people like to go on about diminishing returns but still, when all the arguing dies down, that setup does more damage.

DEM1 is so close to useless, we might as well just call it useless. If you're gonna use it then get DEM3. However for a tankier focus put Aux to SIF 3 in the commander slot or Extend Shields 3 for better support of team mates. Aux to Dampeners is a good idea as you'll need help turning. Reverse Shield polarity is a solid choice but only get the rank 1 version, higher ranks arent enough of an improvement to merit using a higher rank slot. For the sci station I reccomend HE 1 and TSS 2. Eject warp plasma can still be useful but dont give up your Cmdr slot for it. Avoid Boarding Party powers like they were tetryons (hehe...)

The best way to mitigate the power drain is to keep your weap power at 125, beyond that you'll either have to lump it or switch in some torps or beams. On that note, mines are far too unreliable for dealing damage, replace with a torp launcher and maybe put one in the fore too.

With chaining EPtX powers, you can have up to 4 and maintain chaining. For example, if you used EPtS, your second EPtS goes on a 30sec CD, but another EPtX power like aux or engines will go on a 15sec CD. Using that EPtAUX will mean the second EPtS is still 15 seconds away so nothing changes, this means you can use another EPtX power between EPtS and maintain the chain, 4 in total (any more and you're wasting power slots).

While I'm sure you're adept at manouvering your ship in PvE, in PvP you're simply going to be outmanouvered, even a cruiser captain with any sense will be able to keep you on boradside when they realise you're using DHC's, food for thought.

Archived Post 03-05-2012 12:19 AM

First off, the mission you want is Assimilation. I would also agree, the borg console you get from that mission and a Field Generator are great choices for the science slot. The Field Generator can also be bought with Dilithium. Whatever you go with in the science slot, I would say drop the bio consoles as crew means nothing in this game.

One really big thing I or anyone else that could give advice needs to know is what captain type are you? I'm going to assume that since you chose the Negh'var you are an Engineer. If however you are a tactical captain I would say the Vorcha refit would be a better choice.

Tetryons are not all that bad, there really isnt anything special about them, but I cant dog on them too much since I fly the same ship with Tetryon beams. If you are hell bent on using cannons on a very slow turning ship this is what I would do.

Tac team 1, Rapid fire 1 or high yield torp 1, rapid fire 1 or fire at will 1, rapid fire 1

Power to shields 1, Power to shields 2, Aux to Damp 2, Direct Energy 3
Power to weapons 1, Eng team 2, Aux to Damp 2
Power to weapons 1

Hazard emitter 1, transfer shields 2, or polarize hull 1, sci team 2 depending on what you are facing, Breen for example.

You could go, 3 heavy cannons and a torp forward, or 3 heavy cannons and a beam bank forward. with 4 turrets aft.

You can chain the power to shields with power to weapons, always having both active. The Aux to Damp can be chained pretty good to give you some better turning. You might want to try either dropping an armor or the eps for another RSC, but you'll never turn like a Vorcha. A higher engine setting will also help with turning. If need be, reverse and evasive maneuver.

Just throwing out there, buy some cheap beam arrays off the exchange and 1 or 2 beam banks, try a tac team 1 and fire at will 2, or beam overload 2. It's a lot easier to use and works great.

Also is this for PvE or PvP. If PvP, this is all a no no. However, Heavy cannons and turrets work pretty well on a Vorcha, even in pvp.

Link to this thread will give some great Ideas for all types of cruisers. Putting it on page 9 with a Vorcha set up, page 10 is Neghvar

toragan1 03-07-2013 02:15 AM

I know I'm kinda necroing an old post here but it won't let me create a new post for some reason even though I've been around for awhile. Anyhow I've recently decided to try out a klingon and I love the look of the Negh'var. I realize it's not an optimal ship but I'd love some up to date advice on a good build for PvE for it. I'm not much interested in PvP.

stardestroyer001 03-07-2013 01:46 PM

I would suggest this kind of build:

Fore: 3 Disruptor DHC, One torp of your choice.
Aft: 4 Disruptor turrets

Set: Breen set, or KHG if you have access to it.

Eng consoles: RCS Accelerator, SIF Generator, Neutronium Alloy, Borg module from the mission
Sci consoles: Shield Emitter Amplifier, Emitter Array
Tac consoles: 3 Disruptor energy type boosting consoles, I forget its name.

Devices: Subspace field Modulator, Weapons bat, Shields bat, Engines bat

BOFF Layout Must-Haves:

Tac: Tactical Team, C:RF or C:SV
Eng: Aux to SIF, EPtS, EPtW, Eng team, RSP, and preferably DEM
Sci: HE, TSS

bitemepwe 03-07-2013 02:10 PM

Check out the PvP section as well for its build threads

shadowfang240 03-07-2013 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 (Post 8484421)
Eng consoles: RCS Accelerator, SIF Generator, Neutronium Alloy, Borg module from the mission
Sci consoles: Shield Emitter Amplifier, Emitter Array
Tac consoles: 3 Disruptor energy type boosting consoles, I forget its name.

the assimilated module is only available in omega reputation now, and it's Disruptor Induction Coils you're thinking of for the disruptor boosters

stardestroyer001 03-07-2013 03:12 PM


Originally Posted by shadowfang240 (Post 8485681)
the assimilated module is only available in omega reputation now

Eww. Ewww! ;)


Originally Posted by shadowfang240
it's Disruptor Induction Coils you're thinking of for the disruptor boosters

Ah yes, thank you. The name was on the tip of my digital tongue, I just couldn't remember at the time.

shadowfang240 03-07-2013 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 (Post 8485831)
Eww. Ewww! ;)

that's what i say, but there's nothing to be done for it least it unlocks at T1 omega rep; that's only 2 days to get

toragan1 03-07-2013 05:08 PM

Thanks for the advice. I'll try out that DHC build.=)

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