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Archived Post 03-04-2012 11:27 PM

Sovereign BOFF PVE advice needed.
Hello, I'm looking for advice on an ensign power for my Sci Officer.

I'm a L50 in a Sovereign, and this is my Solo PVE build. Keeping in mind the ship is designed to tank cubes in STF. I only really change the Sci Officer, although I can swap the Engineers to get Extend Shields to Replace the Aceteon Beam3.

Tac: Tac Team 1, Beam FAW1 & Torp Spread 2

Eng: EPtS1 (2), Eng Team2, Boarding Party, RSP, DEM, Aceton Beam3

Sci: Tractor Beam, Scramble Sensors.
Sci: Trans Shield1, Hazzard Emiiters2
Sci: Polarize Hull1, Hazzard Emiiters2

3 Beam Arrays, 1 Torp - Front & Back.
MACO XI set.
Power: W125, S75, E45, A45

While I don't have any trouble blowing up enemies or Surviving I only really change my Sci officer for different situations. I have a Solo, a Healing and a STF one. The mid one is healing which I'd probaly use for PVP and the Last one is my STF officer.

I want to ditch Tractor Beam and find something a bit more useful, I don't have any Sci Console slots open as I have Shield buffs there. Also as for Sci skills I don't really have any. Shield Strength and Inertial Dampeners are there.

I'm quite happy with my performance in Elite STF (DPS race and all but DPS can work unmolested if the Cube tries to kill me and fails, and not going after them) and I don't PVP on this one so that's never come up. But in Solo PVE I find the Tractor beam to be a little useless. Sure I can hold a guy in place while I wait that few seconds to hold that hole in his shield in my Torp Arc, I feel I could find something better. Oh and for those little packs of 3, I really like the Scramble Sensors and it's fantastic for Mirror Universe.

If you need more data let me know.

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