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RIP Ralph McQuarrie
Ralph Angus McQuarrie June 13, 1929 - March 3, 2012

here is his offical site

this man helped sell some of the great sci fi tv and movies hollywood. here is a small list of what he help get made with his art skill. i could not find some art for all his movies he helped sell but i did give a few links

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek: Planet of the Titans/Phase Two ( see below of link to his idea what 1701 would look like)
Star Wars 4-6
Battlestar Galactica
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Masters of the Universe
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Star Trek Phase Two or as we know it as what it became. was the tos prime movies. here is the ship he made for the the idea.

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A nod of respect for a fellow artist and visionary, may he rest in peace.

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The omega-level place set off my malware alert. :\

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when i saw his 1701 art idea. i coiuld see were 1701 d sorta would come from.

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Originally Posted by Jexsam (Post 4068851)
The omega-level place set off my malware alert. :\

i only have bing look for safe sites. but that does noot mean it always finds one.

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I was very sad when I heard about this over the weekend.

He was on of the greats in my opinion....he did so much for sci-fi in general...I will remember him most though for his work on Star Wars and Star Trek. What an amazing artist and person.

RIP McQuarrie.... :(

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