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Archived Post 03-06-2012 02:03 AM

Mission: Cage of fire
I've played the mission "cage of fire" twice and experienced huge difficulties with my officers. At some point they just freeze at a certain spot and refuse to walk on. Or they are running back and forwards on the catwalks and would't follow me any longer. They even committed suicide jumping into the fire trying to follow me.
At the first try I only managed to get one single officer to the end battle. The others were either stuck somewhere or jumped into the fire. At the second try I only lost one but it was extremely annoying to get three of them to the end.

This mission needs some serious review and bugfixing.

Archived Post 03-06-2012 10:04 PM

This has been an issue since the mission was released. Supposedly it was fixed sometime when S4 came out. I have done this mission and ended up with 1 or no BO's by the end of the mission. Sometimes if i'm teamed with a buddy it's just the two of us at the end.

Here is my solution that i use to overcome this loss of BO's: Waypoints.
I set my ALL BO's waypoints almost all the way through the mission when it comes to going over the lava pits. It is a little bit slower and one must remember to keep moving them along, but since doing this, I've never lost a BO.

Archived Post 04-09-2012 11:11 PM

Every. Single. One. Of my Boffs are currently stuck running about like headless chickens, or rooted to the spot. One of them just took off running on his own and didn't stop until he reached the very first room (I checked on the map). This mission verges on totally unplayable. I have to take on all the cultists by myself, and if I die, there's no one to resurrect me. I'm basically using the Shard of Possibilities and Security Re-enforcement for each mob, then having to sit tight and wait out the cooldown before I move on. This is by far the worst mission I've played in this game, and I can't believe it was a) released in this fashion, and b) allowed to remain this broken!

Archived Post 04-10-2012 04:28 AM

Waypoints are of no interest in the Cage of Frustration.

Your team seems to be more interested in jumping into the fire to resurrect another crispy member of the away team, or to get stuck somewhere, or to head back all the way.

Grab a friend or two and just plain old ignore your away team.

Archived Post 04-10-2012 07:46 AM

This mission can be completed, but you have to be willing and competent enough to finish it with one or more of your away team members missing in the last leg. This is because there's a part in the last third of the map that's impossible to cross without losing one of them.

And yes-- it *can* be done. By the time I had to finish off the boss, I had only two members left. So don't sell yourself short, thinking you can't complete this mission because you're missing a member or two. You can.

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