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Archived Post 03-09-2012 07:24 AM

Engineer Fleet scort: Terminus Est
Okay, I just bought my T5 Fleet Escort last night and I am playing around with my build...the U.S.S. Terminus Est (I'm a 40k fan, my AC is the U.S.S. Phalanx, and my Odyssey is the U.S.S. Bucephalus). I am torn though from an Engineer stand point if I should be going burst damage or sustained...Dual canons or Heavy canons essentially. Also, what energy type for a Fleet Escort is going to work better? I was looking at Tetryons (which I have full of on my AC) or Disruptors.

Here is what I have envisioned so far, I wont post my current build as it has missing gaps:

U.S.S. Terminus Est
Fore: all MK XI
2x DC Disrupt and either 1x Cannon Disrupt with 1x Quantum Torp OR 3x DHC Disrupt 1x Quantum Torp
Aft: all MK XI
3x Disrupt Turret with possibly either dropping one turret for a quantum mine or torp

Very rare Shield covarient x2 cap MK XI
Very rare Positron Deflector MK XI

Tac Console:
4x Disruptor +dmg (or tetryon if I go that route)

Engineer Console:
1 RCS Turn, 1 Armor resist, 1 Shield power console

+35% Shield cap, +13% Shield regen

Tac Lt Cmd: TT1, APB1, RF2
Tac Cmd: HY1, RF1, APB2, APOmega2

Eng Lt: EPtS 1, ET2
Eng En: EPtS1

Sci Lt: ST1, HE2

So thoughts so far? Should I be going 3x Dual heavy cannons on this boat and then rocking disruptors or tetryons? Thanks for any help you can give.

Archived Post 03-10-2012 12:28 AM

as a combat engineer i found that burst and run tactics seem to work better than sustained DPS, i too fly a fleet escort (although i am about to swap out for a dreadnought) and i found that you can focus your class skills for sustained DPS WHILE burst damaging (you can skip to the summery of you don't care how)

....but how?....

...glad you asked :D

Plasma Weapons! (and to a lesser degree Plasma Disruptor hybrids)

- Plasma Dual beams
- Plasma Cannon x2
- Plasma Torp

- Plasma beam array x2
- Plasma Torp or plasma Mines

Plasma offers Engineers a way to force a burst damage shock attack with a sustained Damage over time tick, this lets the comparatively fragile fleet escort (compared to cruisers of a similar level) to fly in cannons blazing and with a full torp spread then pull away with evasive and run repairs while the enemy continues to take damage.

for the fleet escort to work in this way you will need the following BoFF skills:

- Torp spread
- Cannon spread
- Tactical team

- Eng Team
- Aux shields

- Sci team
- gravity well

This allows sustained combative crowd control on single and mass small targets (such as fighters) and massive burst DPS giving you enough time to use your evasive to pull away and rebuild hill and Shields (usually about 8-15 seconds to do both) while your target is still taking damage and is pretty much stuck in one place ready for your next mass burst DPS run.

Every other run can sustain a Gravity well and mine drop limiting your targets movement while covering yourself, additional skills that up torp and mine damage can massively up the overall control level by limiting enemy movement.

Anything else?

Additions such as the Borg set offer shielding and a free tractor beam to limit movement where as the Omega and MACO sets can massively increase your durability and damage but for beginners with the Fleet escort i would seriously consider making the aegis set, I know the aegis set isnt the best anymore but considering the rarity of borg drops and the silly price of the sets in terms of Data chips its more than worth picking up the Borg and aegis sets for dealing out damage and absorbing it respectively.

Summery: TLDNR! :rolleyes:

so yea long story short for a combat engineer your best bet for living through combat to actually do some damage is Plasma weapons and the borg or aegis sets using hit and run tactics to Burst and DoT your targets with big AoE (area of effect) targeting rather than direct damage to a solo target.
This effectively lets you pull agro and still give your team mates (tank) a chance to grab the target back before it eats you alive while letting you sustain your DPS level and take out heavy plasma torps and small craft that would normally sap your tanks shields and hull.

hopefully my years of getting my butt kicked will help you out in some way. :)

Archived Post 03-10-2012 03:35 PM

In my Fleet Escort, I run the following build.

3x DHC, 1 torp
3 turrets

Borg deflector and engine, resilient shield, I use a Mk X capx3, but there's no other resilients with as much cap except for the MACO shield now, so I'd suggest that.

Eng consoles: RCS accellerator, Neutronium Armour, EPS console
Science consoles: borg console, field generator (+35% cap)

Commander Tactical: TT1, HYT2, APO1, CRF3
Lieutenant Commander Tactical: TT1, HYT2, CRF2
Lieutenant Engineering: EPTS1, RSP1
Ensign Engineering: EPTS1
Lieutenant Science: ST1, HE2

It's generally very tough, and will stand up to a lot of punishment while dishing it out, albeit not at tactical sort of levels. As for energy type, I like phasers, AP or disruptor. Plasma is fine for PVE, but if you plan to PVP at all, then bear in mind many peple are running a shield from an STF set, and these have a bonus resistance to plasma. A handy upside of this is that plasma weapons are often cheap. I think the damage numbers for the plasma/distuptor hybrids was nerfed back down below the regular ammount, I would've reccomended them if it was comporable to regular weapons in damage.

Archived Post 03-11-2012 07:24 AM

I should preface, I do PVP and PVE. My Tetryon beam boat Assault Cruiser is awesome at healing and tanking in PVP and after the last few matches of PVP in my new fleet scort, I have discovered...I cannot get the shields down on ANYTHING. I cannot put out enough damage. Here is what I am running.

Fore: 3 Disruptor DHC 1 Quantum torp
Aft: 2 Disrupt Turrets 1 Quantum torp

I fully plan on ditching the Quantum in the rear for a turret too...but now I feel disruptors are very weak in pvp for an engineer...everything absorbs my shots. Or i'm doing this wrong. Here's my Boffs too:

Tac Cmnd: TS1, HYT2, RF2, APO3
Tac Lt Cmnd: TT1, RF1, APB2

Eng Lt: EPtS1, ET2
Eng En: EPtS1 (or to weapons if I swap him)

Sci En: ST1, HE2 OR TB1, TSS2

Thoughts? How can I make this awesome looking ship a pvp monster for an engineer. I really need help, those last matches made me feel impotent.

Archived Post 03-11-2012 07:45 AM

Engineer in a Fleet Escort, is not all that much different than the typical escort.

Fore: 3x Anti-Proton DHCs + 1 Torp (Quantum or Photon)
Aft: 3x Anti-Proton Turrets

The place where you can make some changes from the typical build is your BOFF abilities.

As an Engineer you lack the extra burst that a Tac will have, but you have better survivability tools.

So perhaps play around with your BOFF abilities, you can probably sacrifice a few shield heals in favor of some slightly more offense or utility focused BOFF abilities.

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