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Archived Post 03-09-2012 03:04 PM

My first foundry mission series - Section 31
Ok so I have published my 1st 2 missions in my new Section 31 Foundry mission series. They are only Section 31 training simulations in order to get the player familiar with Section 31 and how it operates. I am currently working on actual missons involving the player in Section 31 operations but for now, you can educate yourself on Section 31 by playing my first 2 missions

Section 31 - Welcome Mission: You have been chosen by Section 31 to become a Section 31 operative. You are to proceed to Starbase 39 in the Sierra System. There will be a Section 31 recruiter there waiting on you to give you further instructions. You will take part in a Section 31 historical simulation. When you finish the simulation, you will have been educated on the history and operational tactics of Section 31.

Section 31 - Battle Simulations: In this mission, you will travel back to Starbase 39 where you will take part in Battle Simulations back in Holodeck 4. When you finish with these simulations, you will have completed training as a Section 31 operative but you won't be officially induced into Section 31 as a full fledged member until you successfully complete your first mission as a Section 31 representative.

- I want to take a Call of Duty approach to the upcoming missions but may include elements from some of my other favorite games as well as some popular games like Halo. This is my purpose for ground combat missions. You'll see in future missions that the majority of my missions will be covert black ops ground combat missions with space missions being primarily left up to the player trying to sneak by the enemy ships using stealth tactics like hiding behind asteroids and trying to keep distances away from the enemy in order to get into transporter range to beam to the planet. I want Section 31 missions to sort of feel like a futuristic version of playing a game like Metal Gear Solid. We'll see if it works out like this.

Note: I've gotten alot of negative reviews on this mission because the waypoint was too small and didn't recognize the ship when the player reached the waypoint to dock at the Starbase. I've fixed this as well as added in a few more popup dialogues so the player doesn't get confused in trying to figure out what to do or where to go next. I'm new to the foundry so I am just learning this and the feedback(even if it's negative) does help for me to discover things about the foundry creator that I didn't know. I've expanded the radius of the waypoint at the starbase so hopefully that helps.

Archived Post 03-09-2012 11:20 PM

here's my thoughts on: section31: battle simulations
map1: why did you use a starbase that has holes shot in it? it doesn't make sense...
why is it burning? why are the NPCS all named UGC contact? It's the default name for NPCs, NPCs are easier to work with if you give them names.
the door to the lower level is very strangely placed.... and doesn't match the decor(It's a Bajoran circular doorway and halfway hidden in the floor/wall)

map3: doesn't match previous map at all(it's a Klingon decor in a Federation starbase), it's huge and all you do is walk to a doorway....

the rest... pretty cool. I did have trouble finding the ships on the space map though.

I gotta say I like tha basic concept of the mission

Archived Post 03-14-2012 04:41 PM

I'm glad you liked the missions. This is my first attempt at making any kind of missions so I'm still getting used to the foundry editor. Still, any helpful advice would be great! I hate to have to learn all of this by myself when other people clearly know how to navigate the editor better than I do.

Archived Post 03-14-2012 04:54 PM


Originally Posted by marhawkman (Post 4082783)
why are the NPCS all named UGC contact? It's the default name for NPCs, NPCs are easier to work with if you give them names.

I guess I could give them names. I wondered about Starbase 39 being on fire as well and having holes in the starbase. I probably should have used different maps but I didn't want to use DS9 or the Earth Starbase because they are already established and this was supposed to be something new. Still maybe I should have created a completely new map and then used the Earth Starbase interior for the new map and everything could have made more sense. As far as the Klingon Interior, I never knew it was klingon and I was aiming for more of a dark basement style look that came up on a secret holodeck that no one knows about except for Section 31 operatives. But if these are the only complaints then I feel as though I have done a great job making these missions.

This is sort of my test series really to see how good I am at being a foundry mission creator. I am still up for other authors to add to this series with their own set of Section 31 foundry missions and I will be adding missions to my website(with the author's permission) from various authors as well myself so that players can visit the website and know what missions to look for in each different series in order to fully emerse themselves within the Section 31 universe. The goal is to make as many missions as humanly possible and map each section out like Episodes similiar to that of the episode screen found within the game. The player will be required to leave feedback on each mission in order to get credit for the mission through the site. May even post names of players through a leaderboard in order for the player to have access to specialized missions including Section 31 promotion missions that involve the player being celebrated in special promotion ceremonies.

Building our own world within Section 31 would be great fun for many STO Players and fans alike. I will be using influences from several different video games that exist now in order to make a great gaming experience for many types of fans and still try to stay true to Star Trek. I'm hoping to eventually make time travel missions as well that allow the player to go back in time and participate in vital missions to help keep the time line from being altered. May even put the player in alternate timelines as well so they can see an alternate future and eventually fix the time line and go back to the real time line.

Big plans for the future for Section 31 foundry missions.

Archived Post 03-15-2012 08:54 PM

Why does it need to be Starbase 39? I'd think it'd be a "secret" starbase that only Section 31 knows about. Sibiran would be a cool map. :D so what about the Borg stuff..... It's Section 31. :D Besides, the non-borgified part of the map looks really cool.

You can change how bright an interior map is by modifying the "backdrop" used for the map.

And yeah, NPCs should have names, boring uncreative names are acceptable. Non-names are a rather abrupt shock when playing a mission.

Archived Post 03-16-2012 01:22 AM

Section 31
What marhawkman said. ;)

B'harris: You should be complimented for soliciting feedback... and being receptive to input, too. First-time STO Foundry development has its challenges. You should always design the kind of mission YOU would want to play. (It's a soapbox item I'm zealous about. I admit it.)


This is my first attempt at making any kind of missions so I'm still getting used to the foundry editor. Still, any helpful advice would be great! I hate to have to learn all of this by myself when other people clearly know how to navigate the editor better than I do.
I'd like to challenge various STO Foundry mission reviewers to "adopt a STO Foundry author/mission." This challenge goes out to reviewers, podcasters, broadcasters, bloggers, players and fellow Foundry devs/authors.

In this case, take one of B.harris's "Section 31" missions, then figure out how you might add, modify, and/or improve the mission.

* In your humble opinion, how would you make this a 4-star or 5-star mission in the Foundry reviews?
* Give examples how you might change the storylines.
* Show how you might add puzzles, triggers, in-game functionality to make it more exciting.
* What did you like about the dialogue? The characters? The maps?
* Would you have used a Foundry asset or function differently? If so, how?
* If you felt the episode needed to be completely re-done, then why?

(I'm not going to plug Evil70th's evaluation work... er, too late! But wouldn't it also be cool to take this opportunity to jump in and fuel a discussion about episode improvements?)


Big plans for the future for Section 31 foundry missions.
I hope so! I like Section 31. ;)


Archived Post 03-16-2012 10:15 AM

That's what I'm trying for. :D

Archived Post 03-17-2012 12:34 AM

Thank You Tucana, and to everyone else who has responded here. With me only just starting these missions, I'm taking the advice you all are giving me and adopting it to the mission as it is continuously changing all the time.

Before I put the missions on my website, I want to make sure each mission is tested over and over again until I can be sure that the missions are absolutely perfect and can't get any better if I tried.

The two training missions are the key foundations for all future missions that I plan to make in this series of Section 31 missions. I have 8 slots on my account and I'm reserving them for actual missions (I'm wanting to make a 5 mission set plus a ceremony mission welcoming the player into Section 31)

Because of the previously stated paragraph, I'm inviting other foundry authors to add a series of their own into this set of Section 31 missions. All missions will be added to the website in different season sets like the episodes on the game. This should be fun when it really starts rolling but it helps that you guys are willing to help and offer advice to at least get the training missions off the ground.

I am going to add the first mission in my series(I think I'll revolve it around the Borg) so that I can make the ceremony mission prior to adding the other 4 missions in the series. That's the plan!

Archived Post 03-17-2012 03:06 PM

Section 31
B.harris -
A suggestion with these Section 31 missions...

After trying them both, I didn't feel like I was participating in truly unique Section 31 missions. They felt mostly like generic ground combat and space combat activities. As an established Starfleet officer, I can't imagine that Section 31 would ask me to prove myself (or retrain) in these testing areas like this.

I D E A S:

* Give me a diplomacy party/mixer at a Starbase or starship with 20 NPCs. One of them is my contact. Three of them could blow my cover. Suggest that I change into dress uniform for the mission before starting it, then park my characters to the sidelines (e.g. the Away Team members that tag along during each ground/interior mission) before proceeding to find my contact.

I need to talk with various beings until I discover who my contact is. Then I need to relay a data chip to them, or provide a code word, or ? Whatever I commit to, the mission is either successful or a total failure. (And it results in someone knowing I am NOT the Starfleet officer/ship commander that I portend to be!)

* Your Away Team is assigned to commandeer a KDF vessel to obtain a new transwarp coil (or cloaking device) which may turn the tide of war between the Klingons and Federation. Trouble is, Starfleet Command has NOT sanctioned you for this mission -- you have learned about this through your Section 31 contact. Can you trust that you've been told the right information? Or is this a test of your loyalty to defending and preserving the Federation, per Section 31's mandate? Will this ignite further hostilities in the sector?

* A rogue Section 31 agent is sabotaging a Federation colony.

* Section 31 requests you to file a mission report in-person with their agent on Drozana Station -- but he/she is killed before you can report in. Find the murderer. Learn that maybe this wasn't an actual Section 31 operative, but someone within Starfleet trying to reign in Section 31 activities. You are placed in the middle of Section 31 and Starfleet. Where do your true loyalties lie?


Btw, I would cite the reason for Section 31 in your missions. In my second mission, I make mention of the exact quote within the articles of the Federation which discusses Section 31.

Use your favorite search engine to look up "Star Trek Section 31 Federation" :)

Bottom line, help educate your player about what Section 31 is -- and craft missions that are more intensive of secret operations.

Remember: Your player's character may choose to be a Section 31 operative... but the rest of their crew hasn't. That makes for some interesting loyalty scenarios, too! Could it inspire mutiny? Could these spy missions require other crew members to be inducted into Section 31? Is Section 31 too much of a power-hungry shadow organization that is fractured beyond what the Chief of Starfleet Security can manage.


Archived Post 03-17-2012 03:57 PM

Oooh! I like the party idea. :)

And yeah in hind sight, #2 does seem kinda silly.

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