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Archived Post 03-10-2012 11:19 AM

Where to get diplomatic BO reward?
I just hit tier 4 in diplomacy and got the pop-up to get the duty officer reward but none for the BO reward. I went to DS9 looking for the ambassador thinking I would get it from him. Couldn't find the ambassador. So as the title says where do I go to claim this?


Archived Post 03-10-2012 11:22 AM

Go see Jiro Sugihara on Earth Spacedock in the Admiral's office.

Archived Post 03-10-2012 01:41 PM

Thanks the one place I didn't think of!

Archived Post 03-10-2012 02:00 PM

No problem. I actually did the same thing and was running all over DS9 trying to find it. Eventually had to ask my fleet lol. It seems so obvious now, but for some reason I just couldn't think of it either heh.

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