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Archived Post 03-10-2012 06:34 PM

Cannot Access Last Mission in the Romulan Campaign
I completed Cutting the Cord last night and usually after you report to starfleet the next mission comes up to accept...the one I am up to is the Darkness Before the Dawn

This time, it didnt and I cant access it from the Episodes list...I am at Captain 38 which is the level you need to be to get into it, but I cant.....can anyone help me out as to what may have happened?

Thanks in advance..

Craig in WI

Archived Post 03-12-2012 11:57 AM

That mission, which is just a brief conversation in sector space.. is not a replayable mission. Therefore the quest may have been offered and you didn't accept it at the time. I would go to the Available mission tab and find the officer who gives you the assignment, and see if you can take the mission from there.

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