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Archived Post 03-10-2012 11:59 PM

Engineering Dreadnought Tank Build Help
To put it simply, I'm an engineering officer, and I have a Dreadnaught, a captain retrain token, the full borg set of equipment, and want to turn this into a tank for PvP and PvE. Basically I want suggestions for weapons, bridge officer abilities, consoles, everything, even where my Captain's experience points should be spent to turn this Dreadnought into the best tank it can be for PvP and PvE. So any input would be appreciated.

My current bridge officer skills are:
Torpedo High Yield 1
Fire at Will 2
Torpedo Spread 1
Emergency power to Aux 1
Engineering Team 2
Boarding Party 2
Reverse Shield Polarity 3
Emergency Power to Shields 1
Extend Shields 1
Emergency power to Engines 3
Science Team 1
Tractor Beam 2

Archived Post 03-11-2012 11:00 AM

Consider this build:

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