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Archived Post 03-11-2012 04:19 AM

Thx for "Boldly they Rode" !!
I would like to thank everyone who had contributed to this awesome episode.
The environment looks great - it`s like in the tv shows and it`s very nice to see, that this episode wasn`t done quick and dirty. The graphics are AAA+ - the EVA suit looks like a real one! The sound, especially the breathing are really nice and it woudn`t have felt like outer space without it! The puzzle is hard but nice - thx for doing a new one foreach episode - i think i haven`t seen one recycled yet. Thx for the new tech - the EVA part was done perfect.

The whole series had a lot of new game mechanics (f.e., embedded assignments, EVA) will make STO the best MMO ever.
But: you should only use it, if they work correctly. I love cutscenes, but if you do cutscenes, there should not been that much crazy stuff going on (like npcs jumping or bad emotes). We haven`t had much cutscenes in the past - and those series still were awesome. So do cutscenes if they work - otherwise we can life well without. It`s good to implement a voting system - but it needs to work.
I also love non combat parts (and I`m a bit angry about large parts of STO community seems to have shifted to PEWPEW and doesn`t accept non-combat gameplay at all) and Bajor looks fantastic!!! But "Of Bayor" doesn`t contribute that much to the storyline.

After all - I`m sure your heart is still at the right place - you could have make just new content, but you also add a lot of new awesome game-mechanics which you wouldn`t need to do if you just try to feed the beast.

To thx to everyone @Cryptic.

Archived Post 03-11-2012 08:24 PM

The Dominion-issued Environment Suit reminds me of something out of Outland. Was hoping for something Starfleet or KDF issue. But love the mechanics with the navigation posts.

However, something tells me future EV Suit missions will be Engineering, Salvage, or Investigation/Infiltration type of missions with little or no combat.

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