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Nordic Star Alliance - Swedish Fleet
Greetings Fellow Captains

Nordic Star Alliance, a swedish/nordic "Federation" fleet currently looking for more players to join our ranks.

Nordic Star Alliance was founded 2010-02-12 and have been struggling with low activity for some time, mostly because of low content in-game.
As Star Trek Online now seems to take a new course we now looking for more players to join our ranks.

We looking for all classes and all levels.

We want the applicant to fulfil the following criteria

Be 20 years old or more (exceptions can of course be made in certain cases)

Be able to make yourself understood in swedish.

Be prepared to use TeamSpeak.

Frequently visiting our forums.


Be from the same timezone, we using GMT +1 in sweden, 1 hour here and there isent a problem, but if there is a larger gap between our timezones you will most likely spend most of your time alone or the notice that our scheduled events doesnt match your online time. --- This is however just a note.

And what can we offer you then?
Will not list everything here, but things that may be of interest

A place with high average age, helpful and humorous players.

Fleet Event in the form of raids, fleet actions or why not ****chat and play.

A bank with all slots unlocked, a free tab on the bank of items for you new and levelers.

A non-stop rolling TeamSpeak server.

You'll also have the opportunity to take part of everything that happens in the fleet, officers will often ask members for views on things, or maybe want feedback, so you should be active on the forum so you can share topics and polls.

If you think this sounds interesting or want more information, click on the link below.

Nordic Star Alliance

Best Regards

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jarimikk 12-01-2012 11:50 PM

Greetings Fellow Captains
That seems to be a problem for all of us who live here in the Nordic countries, there are not enough nordic players to play STO games in the Nordic countries!!

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