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Archived Post 03-18-2012 09:26 AM

Problems in Full Screen
Logged on for some good, wholesome, all American STO this morning and I was hit with some issues. When I play in windowed or Full windowed, I don't have the issue, only in full screen. I do not like any sort of windowed play because my graphics are more stunning when played in full screen, and my PC has the capability to play it (2 AMD 6900's in Crossfire).

When I switch to full screen my mouse pointer will click on something, say an option in the menu and not click it. Instead I have to move my mouse over to the right of my screen, outside the menu box before it will highlight an option, almost as if the menu box is invisible, but not displaying where my mouse is, when it is in fact displaying to the left of my mouse (if that makes any sense).

Obviously, this makes for nearly impossible play.

Any suggestions fixing this so I can play in full screen in peace. I have for months without issue.

On that note, I remember having this issue once or twice before, but it went away and I don't remember if I did something to solve it or if it resolved itself...


Archived Post 03-19-2012 01:54 PM

Ati 5770 Hd
I Tried That, same Crap Looks Horrible!!!

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