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Archived Post 03-18-2012 12:02 PM

Hi all, I posted this a few days ago and then I learned how to use Dialog Tree Triggers, I went back and remastered the first map to make use of my new knowledge thus giving the player a choice on how much help they want. Please feel free to PM me if you play and like it or find any horrendous bugs or errors, Thanks! :)

Archived Post 03-18-2012 10:48 PM

Some feedback about the mission listing
I haven't played your mission, but I would suggest changing the mission listing:

While on a routine mission, a Federation ship is assaulted, its crew taken and charged with espionage -- and the Romulans want to negotiate for their release. Sometimes nothing is ever that simple...

[MissionInfo]Travel to the (name) System in the (name) Sector Block.[/MissionInfo]

[OOC]Length: (number of) minutes.[/OOC]

Suggestion: To learn from the best practices of others within STO, type "L" to bring up the missions windows, click the "Available" tab (along the top), then access the "Community Authored" tab (left side).

Then check the mission descriptions by Nagorak, Sovereign77x and other Top Rated Foundry authors for how they set up their mission text. You'll notice the use of text, colors, and information which sets expectations about the episode.

Personally speaking, I say AVOID version updates. Simply update your mission as needed. All missions tend to be a work-in-progress, due to occasional republishing, tweaking your mission due to Foundry updates, etc. I stay away from missions which are constantly changed (like "V1.6", etc.) because I wonder if the Foundry author really understands what they're doing -- or just feeling their way through mission development work.

To each their own, though. ;)

Best of luck,

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