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Archived Post 03-19-2012 11:56 AM

Sci Ship Weapons load out
I was looking at my Sci Cpt. and was wondering if having torpedoes on the ship is a worthwhile thing, Sci has only 2 Tac powers at Vice (not sure on new Od. ships) and wasn't sure if I should go all beams or not.

I do have a mine in the back, seems of debatable usefulness sometimes but does eat up heavy torps lol. :p

Any how your input would be welcome.

Archived Post 03-19-2012 01:25 PM

My main uses both the Recon and Deep Space science vessels, and for both it seems the best layout is a quantum up and a dual beam up front, a hard-hitting torpedo or mine in the rear, and beam arrays filling up the other slots. You'll have a little extra "oomph" on your attack runs while still keeping nice all-around firepower. Higher level science ships have some pretty good maneuverability on them, so you can bring those weapons to bear pretty easily. Throw on torpedo spread/high yield and a fire at will and you should be set in terms of firepower.

Archived Post 03-19-2012 01:37 PM

In PvE, I use 1 beam, 1 dbb and 1 quant up front, with 2 beams and a quantum in back. In PvP, 3 quantums fore, 1 quantum rear, 1 mine launcher and 1 beam bank rear for subsystem targetting.

Of course, if you are really good at using sci skills to remove shields, then the more torpedoes you have the better. In PvE, I just use the beams, go full power to weapons, spike with torpedoes and mainly forget my sci abilities.

Archived Post 03-19-2012 03:54 PM

I use 2 DDB, 1 quantum and 3 turrets in rear.

Archived Post 03-21-2012 02:07 PM

In my LRSV Refit I use DBB and 2 BB in front and 3 BB on back slots. I tried combination with torpedoes, but thanks to all beams setup I have more time to heal team members and see what happens in STF.

Archived Post 03-22-2012 03:37 AM

I'm using a beam bank front (for the subsystem attacks) plus 2 quantum launchers (and 3 projectile DOFFs), and three turrets back. Tac skills are spread I and II. Works well enough, you have to point at the enemy for most sci abilities anyways so I just sit at range and spam torps and sci abilities.

Archived Post 03-22-2012 04:10 AM

Last night I decided that a Cruiser with a turn rate of 6 was driving me NUTS!! So I went off and started specing my RSV (will be LRSVR tonight or possibly the ARSVR), After dropping a good 10million last night, I am now using,

Photon Torpedo Launcher MK XI [Acc]x2 [CrtD]
Photon Torpedo Launcher MX XI [Acc]x2 [CrtD]
Phaser Beam Array MK XI [Acc] [CtrD] [Dam] (Will be Tetryon eventually)

Phaser Beam Array MK XI [Acc] [CtrD] [Dam] (Will be Tetryon eventually)
Tricobalt Mine Launcher MK XI [Acc]x2 [CrtD]
Photon Torpedo Launcher MX XI [Acc]x2 [CrtD]

Jem’Hadar Combat Impulse Engines MK XI (Didn’t check if I have better sitting in bank)
Positron Deflector Array Mk XI [ShdS] [Em] [Stl]
Shield Array MK XI [Cap]x3

Large Shield Battery
Large Aux Battery
Subspace Modulator

RCS Accelerator MK XI (Blue)
Neutronium Alloy MK XI (Blue)
Neutronium Alloy MK XI (Blue)

Field Generator MK XI (Blue)
Field Generator MK XI (Blue)
Assimilated Module
Chassis Dependant Console (Tachyon Detection Grid or Ablative Generator)

Photon Detonation Chamber MK XI (Blue)
Photon Detonation Chamber MK XI (Blue)

Bridge Officers:
Tac. Lt. – TT1 / HYT2
Eng. Lt. – ET1 / A2SiF1 / *EWP1*
Sci. Ens. – TB1
Sci. Lt. Cmd. – HE1 / ST2 / *VM1*
Sci. Cmd. – HE1 / TSS2 / CBP1 / GW3
*Depending if I am running the ARSVR or the LRSVR

Duty Officers:
2 Blue Projectile Weapons Officers
1 Blue Gravimetric Scientist
2 Blue Development Lab Scientists

Power Levels:

Skill Build:
Though this build could be improved to give more damage from Gravity Well (9 points in SGG and SPG, along with some points in SSD), and even though I am not using any skill that needs Electro Plasma Systems, I still want a build that I can use when I want to fly my Galaxy-X; and not totally gimp myself.

Archived Post 03-23-2012 05:47 AM

after some trying i find the best combination is:
photon torpedo with the console for photonic shockwave
quantum torpedo launcher
dual beam bank

3x turret

sometimes i also change the quantum for another dual beam bank


Archived Post 03-23-2012 10:09 AM

I am having excellent results with 6 beam arrays. It lets me do things to other ships that they certainly do not enjoy.

Archived Post 03-23-2012 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by emtbob
I am having excellent results with 6 beam arrays. It lets me do things to other ships that they certainly do not enjoy.

You can run 6 beams on many other ships, also if you runa beam boat then you need high weapon power, that really is not the point of a sci ship

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