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The Artifact Saga/Return To Sender
Well, I haven't really promoted my holodeck foundry missions much, so I might as well do so now. The first is a six part series called The Artifact Saga. The individual parts of the story are not overly long and are quite story heavy, but so far I've had a lot of excellent reviews.

Full Plot outline: Following a distress call from Risa, the Federation finds itself in a race across the quadrant and against time to find a number of artifacts before they fall into the hands of a determined Klingon General

Part 1: Enjoy your stay at Risa; A strange distress signal is sent from Risa claiming a Klingon assault force has attacked the peaceful vacation resort. You must investigate and find out what, if anything, is going on.

Part2: Paracellsus Sword; An experimental Federation ship has gone missing in the Briar Patch. When you are dispatched to find the U.S.S. Paracellsus and her crew, you discover that the artifact recovered from Risa is not the only one of its kind.

Part 3: Softly Softly; Starfleet learns the location of the Klingon General, B'Etara's base of operations. You must sneak in and find out what she is planning. An Unexpected ally provides disturbing revelations and a chance to end B'Etara's campaign.
Note, this mission is an infiltration mission and is designed for a shuttle or small craft. Any craft can be used, but for the full effect, a shuttle/small craft is best.

Part 4: On the Hunt; With the six artifacts in Starfleet hands, and the location of the seventh revealed, it is up to you and your crew to reach it before B'Etara. However, an abandonned colony and some unexpected adversaries stand between you and success!

Part 5: Under Seige: The Klingons launch a daring attack on Earth Space Dock! You and a small fleet of Federation ships must return to Earth and drive off the attackers. The real enemy is revealed and the fate of the Galaxy hangs in the balance!
Note: As the Sol System cannot be used as a starting map, to begin the mission you must "Rendezvous with the Fleet" at Wolf 359.

Part 6: End of the Line; With all the pieces of the Omega Chroniton bomb in the hands of the evil Neboron, a small fleet of Federation ships and a group of brave federation commando's must join you in your quest to put a stop to Neboron's evil schemes and finally bring an end to the threat of the Omega Chroniton bomb!

My other Foundry mission is a look into the origins of the borg and a study of why the borg within STO are different from those of Wolf 359!

Return to Sender: A routine mission to assist the U.S.S. Phillips takes an unexpected and deadly turn when the Borg make an appearance. Fight the Borg, and discover the mystery behind the strange Alien vessel found by the Phillips, a mystery that takes you to the Delta Quadrant, and the home of a long lost race.
Note: this mission is largely story and objective based with limited combat at the start and close.

Feel free to play and review, and all feedback is welcome:D

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