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New-ish player looking for a friendly, helpful fleet.
It's been a long while since I've played, I started playing a little prior to F2P going live, and unfortunately just now got to re-install the game, I need a new fleet to join and new folks to run with who can maybe teach me stuff, since I'm still pretty lost and confused about all the game concepts, especially since a lot of stuff is different from when I last played (the skill revamp, the new Dilithium currecy the DUty Officer stuff, etc. along with the rest of the stuff I'm still confused about.) Oftentimes I feel at a loss at what I should go do when I log in.

Thanks for the help, in advance!

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You need to check out the {UFP}! We have new players. We have experienced players. We even have experienced players who still play like new players! But seriously, we are a helpful fleet and a growing worldwide community who believes in helping one another.

You'll find:
-- a really cool website at
-- both federation and klingon factions
-- support for multiple Star Trek games
-- we use Teamspeak3
-- we produce our own e-zine on an regular basis
-- quarterly award ceremonies where members are recognized for their contributions to the fleet
-- and a bunch of other stuff.

My suggestion is for you to visit the website and see what we have to offer. Just click the siggy banner or link above to go there now.

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