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Colonization of the Delta Volanis Cluster
Under "Duity Officers" In the Assignments Tab under Assignment Chains there is the mission, "Colonization of the Delta Volanis Cluster"

Are these random missions that pop up under Current Sector or is there a way for me to knock out all of these mission in a row?

I have the first mission complete (dont remember how I did it, "Colony Site Survey in the Delta Volanis Cluster" but how do I do the others?

Archived Post 03-29-2012 09:23 PM

No one knows anything?

Archived Post 03-30-2012 04:48 AM

These are Duty Officer assignments, rather than Missions and Episodes, so you are likely to get an answer if you post in the Duty Officer System forum.

I'll tell you what I know, though.

Every exploration cluster and nebula offers a colonisation chain. This, as you stated, starts with "Colony site survey in the $cluster_or_nebula_name". Each chain has 7 parts.

It's a matter of luck and cooldown to get the extra parts. Check in each cluster after every sector assignment reset and you will find them. You also need to check the "Department Heads/Operations" tab, since that can sometimes contain colonial chain assignments.

Note that you only want to do the missions highlighted in yellow with an "X/7" note telling you which part of the chain it is - there are lots of similar sounding missions that are nothing to do with the chains.

Also check out:

For a big spreadsheet where people who have assignments mark them up so you can find them easily.

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